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06-21-2009, 12:25 PM

I decided to reinstall my old NFSHP2 in my lan to play with more than 4 cars (since U2 and MW only accept 4 players), but something is wrong when I'm applying the patch with the MOMO fix... seams that is not working... :\

appears a really fast "blink" screen where I can't read anything because is REALLY fast then nothing happens, when I start the game still sounds like the first version saying my MOMO is not recognized.

I try to setup the controls but doesn't work the pedals. :(

I remember that I didn't had this problem in the past with my Win98, I'm using WinXP right now.

yes, the game is 100% original from the collection box, and I'm not using any cracks...

any ideas?

thank you!

06-21-2009, 01:14 PM
Have a look here:
Part way down, there's a section titled "Why wont my MOMO work with HP2?" which might help you.

06-21-2009, 01:47 PM
thanks! I'll try that... :D

but aobut the patch, is the right behavior "nothing happens"? any "your game was patched!" or something?

is there a way to check if I'm with the game patched?

thanks again! :)

06-21-2009, 07:52 PM
which patch? 2.42? If that's what you mean, I don't know the behaviour, since I've never installed it.
The multiplayer menu tells you what version number you have (mine is 240)
If you're playing online, you'll find more players when using 2.40.

06-25-2009, 09:14 PM
There is 1 other thing that he will have to do.

He will probably have to add custom Sections to both the 'Defaults' And 'Definitions' files

I had to write custom sections in both files before the game would recognize my game controler.

It will go something like this.

"Defaults File"

[joystick 48]
name = Thrustmaster Top GunŽ AfterBurner (USB)
InputRight = axis 1
InputLeft = axis 0
InputGas = axis 4
InputBrake = axis 7

InputHandBrake = button 0
InputCycleCamera = button 2
InputHorn = pov 2
InputReset = button 1
InputLookBehind = pov 3
InputShiftUp = button 6
InputShiftDown = button 5

InputCallBackUp = pov 0
inputCallRoadBlock = pov 1
InputCallCopter = button 3
InputLookLeft = key SC_COMMA
InputLookRight = key SC_PERIOD
InputGear_Reverse =.key SC_MINUS
InputGear_Neutral = key SC_O
InputGear_1 = key SC_1
InputGear_2 = key SC_2
InputGear_3 = key SC_3
InputGear_4 = key button 4
InputGear_5 = key SC_5
InputGear_6 = key SC_6

"Definitions File"

[joystick 46]
name = Thrustmaster Top GunŽ AfterBurner (USB)
button0 = kTxtHandBrake
button1 = kTxtButton2
button2 = kTxtButton3
button3 = kTxtButton4
button4 = kTxtButton5
button5 = kTxtButton6
button6 = kTxtButton7
button7 = kTxtButton8

axis0 = 0,left,127,0,kTxtLeftJoystickLeft
axis1 = 0,right,127,255,kTxtLeftJoystickRight
axis2 = 1,up,127,0,kTxtLeftJoystickUp
axis3 = 1,down,127,255,kTxtLeftJoystickDown

pov0 = 0,left,kTxtPOVLeft
pov1 = 0,right,kTxtPOVRight
pov2 = 0,up,kTxtPOVUp
pov3 = 0,down,kTxtPOVDown

axis4 = 6,left,205,0,kTxtThrottle
axis7 = 6,right,205,255,kTxtBrake

axis5 = 5,left,127,0,kTxtRudLeft
axis6 = 5,right,127,255,kTxtRudRight

06-26-2009, 05:57 AM
with 240 doesn't work, with 242 worked fine... but seams that I can't play this game anymore, too bad gameplay compared with the latest ones... I'm not even talking about the graphics. :x

funny that was my fave NFS for a long time. :P

thank you anyway... ;)