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03-03-2010, 02:33 PM
Donīt get me wrong - I love cars - the drift and all - I drove the living sh*t out of my Jettas, Golf and Corollas but You just canīt beat the feeling of about 1 rear-wheel-bhp per kilo. A ride like a myth - surfing traffic - planning Your way through the gaps about as far as You can see down the hwy - merely regulating Your speed with a slight twist of Your wrist. And even after TX --> CA and back again - I felt relaxed and my back felt fine - impossible for any "crotch-rocket" ninja-type plastic-bike! And best of all: around 8 sec. for the quartermile - average of 35 mpg - canīt beat that! She wasnīt all stock of course - not when I got her and much less after working on her for a Year with my best-bud - the most gifted moped-mechanic Iīve met: Thanks Rick! ;-)

Well hereīs my ī94 Yamaha Vmax: (

And here she is about a year later on my ride to Cali&back - along with some Mopeds Iīd owned before her: (

.. last but not least hereīs a link to some more pics of the ride out to Cali & back - sharing a dream - w/ my buddy Josh & his 535 Virago:

03-03-2010, 04:47 PM

Read it.