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04-11-2010, 04:52 AM
This was from the March 5 Beta, which had more tracks. There were a few renamed Most Wanted tracks that I didn't figure out. If you recall these or have a video, I have a guide and can complete the list.

Carbon Tracks in March 5 Beta (none of these were renamed):

Brooks Street (circuit)
Campbell Tunnel (circuit)
Chinatown Tram (sprint)
Lincoln Boulevard (sprint)
Lucky Towers (circuit)
Main Street (circuit)
North Broadway (circuit)
North Road (circuit)
Paradise Hotel (circuit)
Savannah Street (circuit)
Silk Road (circuit)
Silveton Way (sprint)
Spade Street (sprint)

Most Wanted Tracks in March 5 Beta:

Campus Mall (circuit) (rename of ???)
Campus Interchange (circuit) - 7 laps
Chancellor & Campus (circuit) (rename of ???)
Chancellor Way (was lap knockout)
Clubhouse & Hollis (also Most Wanted demo track)
College Asylum (circuit) (rename of Hospital Switchback)
College Switchback (was lap knockout)
Country Club (circuit) - 3 laps
Diamond & Union (sprint)
Heritage & Campus (sprint)
Hwy99 & State (sprint)
North Broadway (circuit)
Rockridge & Union (also Most Wanted demo track)
Rosewood Central (circuit) (rename of Campus Way)
Rosewood Park Loop (circuit) (rename of Ironwood Estates)
Stadium & Hwy 99 (sprint)
College circuit tracks renamed not sure which ones:
- Rosewood College / Rosewood Drive ? (Circle Rose / Hospital SwitchBack?)
- Rosewood Hillcrest (Hillcrest Boundary?)

Possible Rockport tracks that were renamed:

Campus & Chancellor (sprint)
Campus Way (circuit)
Circle Rose (circuit)
Heritage & Campus (sprint)
Hillcrest Boundary (circuit)
Hospital Switchback (circuit)
Rosewood Hillcrest (lap knockout)

Possible Rockport tracks not in March 5 Beta:

Heritage & Diamond
Highlands (Ironwood Estates => Rosewood Park Loop reverse)