View Full Version : [HP2] Driver skins

Sir Tristan
06-19-2010, 11:31 AM
Guys, is it possible to make different driver skins for cars like in HS?

Because NFS:Clone Wars isn't exactly that fun when you're head to head with some guy that looks like you.
Also, he looks hardly classy enough for an Aston or... just about any car in the game except the TS50 into which he fits perfectly.

I've seen driver files in HP2 directory. It shows 'favorite colours' and 'favourite cars' (those apply for classes so if a fav car is 911, then only if you choose to drive a 360 or others in the class, they make them drive 'their car') of drivers and some data. Does this mean one could (better yet) vary skins between the names (so you can recognize them and so that Zeta and Winona are actual chicks)? Or vary their driving styles? Eg. Black Mustang SVT Cobra R, some name, mega-aggressive, ramming everyone? Or silver, precise 911?

That would be badass and a whole new level. Probably impossible.

If so, are there any classier driver skins (a suit or a shirt with a cardigan for example), generally?

Opel Speedster
01-24-2011, 12:32 PM
lol yeah, they did it in the PS2 of this, too. You, if your male you have a Blue Shirt (Second Player haves Green Shirt, and hair is darker) and a yellow hair. I saw a opponent with a Red Shirt (Male too) and often, a Female Driver. :P That would be cool in PC. It sucks having that driver that alyways uses the same clothes, and it looks dirty.