View Full Version : GT3 for GBA

02-14-2003, 06:32 PM
GT3 Advance Pro Concept Racing for the Gameboy advance.........

Anybody have it?... or try it? I tell ya what, I got it today, cuz the other GT titles are fantasic. But, honestly this game blows. The idea to make it portable, was and is a good idea, but with this as a representation of the GT series on a palm console, I' rather bring the new PSone w/lcd screen and dc adapter to play in the car useing the good ole standby GT2.

02-15-2003, 12:22 AM
I have it, sort of :lol: I have an emulator and a ROM version of that game... I DO own a GBA but I don thave any extra $$ lying around to buy Advance GT2 (or GT3 Advance as its called here in the US)... As soon as I get the $$ I WILL buy myself a copy of that game. It is awesome, considering the limitations of a GBA. I like it, its not supposed to be Gran Turismo. It is not even made by the same people as the Gran Turismo series (I think)...BTW, did you know GTA3 will come out for GBA in September this year?

02-15-2003, 08:51 AM
I saw march 5th (US release) over at EB games. tho I'm not a huge fan of gta3. I originally got the GBA for YuGiOh EDS but saw the GT3 Advance in the window and had to get that as well. It wasn't til I got home that I saw it was produced by THQ. I prolly could have saved myself the heartache and $30 had I seen that in the store. Oh well, my wife likes it anyway.