View Full Version : GT2 lookalike for pc

02-15-2003, 06:39 AM
yes theres one game, thats allmost just the same as Grand tourismo 2

its called Sega GT, and i have it :D

oke lets say something about this game
- 130 Cars (most of them are import)
- 10 tracks and 2 dragstrips
- singleplayer and splitscreen multiplayer
- unique handling and performance for each car based on original factory specs

k the arent super, but there like GT2,
nice reflection, 2drims, pretty nice textures

the coolest part in the game, the cars,
like in GT2 you can tune them to the impossible
like my mitsubishi GT0 twin turbo with 1116BHP and a 0-60mphacceleration in 2.2sec.

the soundeffects are superrealistic, you can hear the different between a turbo an a n/a car.the music is ***.-like

much more realistic hanling then GT2,

its a must buy game, allthough the graphics dont look supergood (but i can live with it) because the gameplay and sound is so good