View Full Version : The Official Hot Pursuit Xbox 360 Players List

11-16-2010, 06:55 PM
PC got one, so what the hell. Im wanting to find some friends else my speed wall will just be Nutts and Sin. lol. Just send me a message letting me know whats up. Else Ill probably just reject it. I like to keep an organized friends list.

gamertag: GreedyTurbo529

11-16-2010, 08:28 PM
gamertag: Yale555

11-16-2010, 11:42 PM
I have both PC and 360 version.

Gamertag: Hawk xSx

11-19-2010, 04:23 AM
Gamertag: PulmonaryHobo

11-19-2010, 05:53 AM
Gamertag: Alexc12fr

P.S.: I played the demo and I'll get soon the game.

EDIT: I got it.

11-19-2010, 10:17 PM
Feel free to add me @ Silence325.

11-20-2010, 06:17 AM
Gonna be adding some of you guys ;)

EDIT: This can't be all of you guys.

11-20-2010, 06:55 AM
*double post*