View Full Version : NFS: Undercover PS3 Times and Setups some cars not tuned

11-25-2010, 06:03 PM
I-5 Loop - Audi R8 - No NOS

Engine: -10 towards torque
Suspension: 10 towards stiff
Drivetrain: -10 towards acceleration
Tires: 10 towards grip
Nitrous: -10 towards strengh (Not using it)

Time: 2:52.65

Alright. I made one or 2 minor mistakes but I think I did good on this track

Gold Coast Offramp - Lotus Elise

Engine: -10 Torque
Suspension: 10 Stiff
Drivetrain: -5.0 Acceleration
Tires: 10 Grip
Nitrous: Middle

Time: 2:41.56

No Mistakes but a major slowdown in the last shortcut. otherwize great time for me.

South Inlet Bridge - Bugatti Veyron 16.4

Engine: 10 Horsepower
Suspension: -10 Soft
Drivetrain: 10 Top Speed
Tires: 10 Grip
Nitrous: -10 Strengh

Time: 2:08.49

This car is really heavy but I did this stage with it. made a few mistakes and will attempt a Zonda F run next

South Inlet Bridge - Pagani Zonda F

Engine, Drivetrain: -10
Suspension, Tires: 10
Nitrous: Middle

Time: 2:00.92

I must say that this car can beat the Veyron 16.4 on this track even with the long straight! I did better with the Zonda than the Veyron!

West Fasulo Bridge - My Special Edition Zonda F - Ultimate Performance, Not Tuned

Time: 1:33.99

My special Red Edition Zonda gets into things with just pure ultimate performance with a very nice time on this track! no mistakes at all! almost 1 min 34 sec

My zonda

Metallic Medium to dark red paint
BBS CH Rims regular size (Paint Metallic Black not Chrome Black)
Gentera 204 Spoiler - Zone 1: 50% Zone 3: 70%
Exhaust: Borrillo Pro 40
Ultimate Performance Packs no Tuning

There you have it.

There will be more times. and my zonda photo is uploaded to in the undercover section. just look for branjoe555