View Full Version : Need for Speed: HP2 trouble with MOMO Racing wheel

12-26-2010, 09:34 AM

I have a MOMO Racing wheel,but at the same time troubles with it.
Today I installed it with no additional software (referring to Logitech Gaming Software), it worked fine,but had no force feedback and it would wipe out my config every time i quit the game. That didn't bother me,but I really wanted to feel some FF and I installed the above mentioned software. was a mistake, the game no longer reigstered pedals,nor the shifting stick. It wrote in the menu, clearly, Accelerate Gas Pedal , but in game, actually, it didnt register anything except the first 8 buttons, nor did pressing the pedals in the main menu help. So, it is like pedals aren't there. I tried changing default.ini and definitions.ini files, but that didn't help either. Also, I tried applying the 2.42 patch, but it keeps saying that the old file is not found. Maybe it is already patched, I don't know, I am kinda inexpirenced with those things. Is there any way to fix this? If so please respond, any help is welcome. I saw some other threads on the pretty much same topic, but I found no solution in them, so I decided to describe my situation in my own thread, so I hope it's not too big of a problem.

Thanks in advance!

01-01-2011, 05:40 PM
The v2.42 patch is needed for FF support. The original MoMo Force wheel (red one) was supported by HP2 after the patch. Your wheel was not out when the game was released, so you have to edit the axis and button maps in the controller defauts and deffinition files. I know you said you "tried that", but you did not do it right. You must get the axis and button maps correct or it will not work for you.

Virtually any controller or wheel can be made to work perfectly with HP2, providing you do the editing right. Modifying the button maps in the games options menu never works. HP2 was a console game ported to PC, so the controller support was the worst ever. I don't have the Momo Racing wheel, so I cannot help you with the actual editing.

Also, don't expect seperate axis to work for throttle and brake. That may be one of your problems. You have to go with combined axis in this game. I did my editing in this game for each controller I have, and save the files for future installations. You make one change at a time, start the game, go into controller options a click load default. Then add at least 2% dead zone to each axis used. Try the game and note all the changes that "worked" on paper, and the ones that need changing also. Quit the game. Edit needed axis and buttons again, save and restart the game. Repeat this process until you have everything the way you like it.