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04-16-2011, 06:00 PM

This is me drifting and its not that good , and like to ask u guys for tips.
Have a 2nd question is there anybody playing on the ps3 ? if there is somebody plzz ad me i have only one friend playing Shist 2
my GT = Budje007
tnx in advance

04-16-2011, 08:53 PM
Okay, after some perserverence, I've finally gotten the hang of drifting in Shift 2.

At first, like most people, I found it extraordinarily difficult and I must say the learning curve is very steep. I remember thinking the Millenium Drift (second drift circuit in the game) would be impossible to get over 1000 points. But now it looks quite achievable. I'm getting first position very frequently now.

Maybe they should have included some more useful tips during the "grass roots" or lowered the points threshold of the first few events a bit so as not to turn players away after a few frustrated attempts.

It takes practice, but the best advice I could give is:

1) GET YOUR SPEED UP AND TAKE AS WIDE AN ARC AS POSSIBLE. JUST LIKE WHEN RACING, USE AS MUCH OF THE ROAD AS POSSIBLE. SO BASICALLY BE CONFIDENT AND TAKE THE BIG SWEEPERS IN 3RD OR EVEN 4TH GEAR. Compare yourself to the intro videos, if your drifts aren't that fast or wide, you're not doing it right.

2) To avoid having your tyres burst, follow the above advice. Slow drifts burn up your tyres very quickly. I say again, keep your speed up and be confident.
2b) If your tyres are still bursting, be careful of your angle. Large angles burn your tyres up. If you have enough speed, you don't have to be totally sideways. In fact, there is a point before your tyres start squealing madly that you start to slide and rack up points. KEEP A CAREFUL EYE ON YOUR POINTS TO FIND THIS POINT. You won't be making as much noise and it won't look as spectacular, but your tyres won't burst.

3) Use a fairly low-powered car. I found the M3 E46 to be quite good. Do NOT use the NFS RX-8 unless you're crazy. Try a number of cars and find what's best for you.

4) Don't flick into a drift (nor use the handbrake as Vaughn says) , enter the drift gradually with speed. You should have plenty of control through the throttle and steering for the open drift tracks and you should only need the handbrake (or e-brake) for tight hairpins like on the Horsethief Mile.

5) Once you are in the drift, the best advice I can give is to smoothly pull back to near opposite lock and keep at half-throttle. You shouldn't have to vary your input much on the throttle or wheel (remember this was designed to work on console controllers). Just use a minor amount (like a few degrees) of rapid back and forth on the wheel. Throttle variation should be even more subtle, if any.

Many people below are saying you can play with the tuning to make drifting easier, and another biggie is steering wheel setup. I'm not going to recommend any settings, because what's best for me isn't necessarily best for you. You just have to adjust them yourself. I personally couldn't be bothered messing around with settings, so I just tried finding a good car (M3 E46 for me)

Good luck, and be persistant. It is very satisfying when you pull it off and looks great in replays.
thanks to bongomaster of no gripracing for this^