View Full Version : NFSWO in future...?

04-17-2011, 11:18 PM
NFSWO is one of the most intresting EA projects, because they can do to it w.e they want.
What do u think it will look like in the future?
I've got some ideas....mhmm....
1-will it become fully FREE game till dec 21 2012 :D = no speedboosts, only ingame cash:).
2-when version 6 is gonna be released? and wat's gonna be in it? ( Dec 21, 2012? :D )
3-will it become nfswo real streer rasing? by that i mean something like helmet cam...
4-will we ever see blacklist racers&carbon bosses? Or they will make new story line? Will there ever be a story line? :\
5-will we ever see pedestrians'? would be pretty cool, wouldnt it?:)
6-will we ever see nfsug2&nfsuc cities?
What do u think abt all of that?
Personally i quit that game 3 month ago. I havent put a cent in that game, and i am glad i didnt:)
And i dont know wat will make me play it again...maybe 1 of those 6 things? who knows;):)