View Full Version : Starcraft or Warcraft Fan? Interested Modellers Please Look!

05-10-2003, 08:57 AM
Hey, ive been surfing this site for a long time and i also have a particular interest for Starcraft. The modellers who visit this site are very talented so I was wondering if anyone was interested in modeling for a Mod that ive been watching for some time now chek out this site:

They are creating a total conversion for Warcraft 3 into Starcraft. For those modellers who are interested in helping thier project contact them. They seem to need all the help that they need and I believe that any modellers here would be a fine choice except maybe thug_*****. Anyways even if you are not interested in helping them but are a fan of either of these strategy games, do take a look if u havent already. It really is quite good.