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Default How to Create Cars for NFS 3 - 8

*Please be patient while this topic is under construction. The images and hyperlinks are being added as quickly as possbile*


.....All too often people ask this question- the basic truth is that creating cars is not an easy process- it is one which requires time and patience aside from the basic knowledge of how to properly utilize each and every car editing program involved in the car's creation and compilation from beginning to completed product- I will, however, try to be concise by offering explanations as to how to get started in the car modifying/Creating process.

For car creation/modifcation, the best way to learn is to take a multifaceted approach:
  • First and foremost, you must read the car editing program tutorials...if you do not, then the learning process will simply be far more complicated, frustrating and time-exhaustive. Do yourself the favor of avoiding posting question after question which are usually answered by reading these tutorials in the first place.
  • Browse through, read, comment on and ask questions in the Car Editing Discussion and Car Editing Projects forum topics- try to examine how other members have started and learn their techniques. Make friends with and ask assistance from your fellow members - Your worst enemies are a lack of patience and trying to do too many things at once- some people learn faster than others, that's the simple truth so try to keep from becoming frustratred.
  • Use the internet : If the questions you ask are not responded to- do not become impatient and create another topic or post another comment regarding the exact same issue- go through our NFSCars Affiliates links on the front page and look in their site Tools/FAQ's/Forums sections- do not simply rely on waiting for someone to answer your question immediately...simply becasue there may be 100 members online does not mean that they have the answer to your problem nor that they are avoiding you purposely by not responding.
  • When you find a useful topic or link...BOOKMARK IT ! Make a small "library" of car editing links that you can reference until you've actually learned those steps. Take notes and keep them as organized as possible.

The creation of a "car" is much the same process for all games in the NFS series- with NFS 5:Porsche Unleashed and the NFS Underground series being the exception- more on that later.

A "Car" Consists of various files usually all contained within the car's folder- depending on which game format, the files may be one to many:
  • The car's basic Mesh (wireframe/structure)
  • Textures
  • Car Performacnce
  • Car's Identity
  • Engine/Horn Sound files
  • Background/Vidwall/Logo Images
  • Dash views, etc.
The three main factors that remains a constant in car editing/creation are:
  • Enhancing the car's performance
  • Enhancing/Modifying/Creating the car's textures (colors, decals, stripes, etc.)
  • The actual body of the car
.....Once you have a basic working knowledge of the car editing programs you will be using and have decided to make your first project, go ahead and post your project in the Car Editing Projects Forum. This will allow many of our talented members to assist you and give you vital tips and information on how to accomplish your goals in the best and most efficient manner possible.

.....Another way beginners can gain practice with the varied car editing programs is by working on and modifying an existing stock EA car. You can practice modifying its mesh, adding/deleting parts, etc. - practice as much as you possibly can - there is even an extensive, comprehensive toturial specifically for this purpose in the FAQ's and Tutorials section: Car Modifying Tutorial for Beginners

Ok, now that we've talked about basic tips...I'll break down, game by game, what tools are required and will try to offer as much insight as possible.
NOTE: Not all of the following programs are required for creating a car. Each Game format requires different tools and at times you may substitue one program for another.

  • Zmodeler/Lightwave/Misc 3D editing Programs
    .....These are the programs required to make the car's mesh (wireframe/strcuture) - commonly refered to as the Car.Fce (the tutorials to these programs are also found in this topic).
  • Car Cad 1.5 and FCE Tweak
    .....Another 3D Car Mesh editing program for NFS 3 and NFS 4 format Car.Fce Files. With this program you can Add/Remove Vertices, Parts, Dummies Map the car.fce file in the UV setction, etc. Some very pateint and gifted people can also make cars using this very same program, although it requires more patience and is not as powerful as is Zmodeler. FCE Tweak is primarily a parts fusing program which is more stable in windows 98- although not as versatile as Zmodeler- it's great for fusing parts quickly.
    .....NFS Wizard is a program used to extract, import and edit the files out of the compressed *.VIV file. The file, such as the Car.FCE, or Car00.tga are in it. It is very useful for editing various files inside of the main Car.VIV file. It can be used for NFS's 3 & 4.
    .....Almost the same as NFS Wizard except it is an erlier release, it is for NFS3 only, and it doesn't have as many options and features however it's an excellent too for extracting RGB and alpha textures when working on car00.TGA files.
  • Viv magic 1.10
    .....Viv magic is one of the only car.VIV editing programs to extract all of the files from the car.VIV and create a folder with them in it. This is popular with NFS6 editing. Although it works well with NFS3, and NFS4 files too.
  • FCE Finish 2
    .....FCE Finish is a program that was invented to help with things such as: Normals, Colors, Dummies, and mapping. This is a NFS4 editing program only- however, by converting your NFS 3 car.fce into NFS 4 format you can edit it and then simply reconvert the file back to FNS 3. This is an exceptional program for mapping textures.

  • FCE Converter
    .....FCE Converter converts either a NFS3 file to a NFS4 file, or vice versa. This program is great for editing NFS4 driver movments, Dummies (gives an extensive list of dummy names) and colors as well.
  • FCE Center
    .....This program was made to center all the parts of a car, on all axises(X,Y, and Z). This tool also prevents the Car from "Floating" in game
  • Oif Tool
    ..... OIFTool is a program that converts .o files containing 3D models that are used in EA's graphics library to a .oif file, which can be edited. The reverse conversion from .oif to .o is also possible. "OIF" stands for "O Intermediate Format". An .oif file contains 3D model data extracted from a .o file as well as the original .o file appended to it. After editing, the data from the .oif file can be injected back into the original .o file.

    The converted .oif file can be loaded into any modeling program with support for .oif files. Most modeling programs use a plugin format for providing support for new file formats, so adding .oif support to an existing modeler is not a lot of work. OIFTool takes care of most of the troublesome work, leaving the plugins with a simple task. Currently, a plugin is available for ZModeler.

  • OEdit
    ..... OEdit is a "vertex mover" for 3D models used in EA's Graphics Library. It features a universal loader that allows it to support most models from various games that use EAGL. Some of these games include, EA Games' NFS Hot Pursuit 2 as well as EA Sports' FIFA 2003, NHL 2003, NBA Live 2003, and more.

    What you can do with OEdit:
    - Move vertices of a model
    - Alter the UV Texture mapping of a model
    - Preview the model with texture
    - Position Bones (only NFSHP2)
    - Export the model to a few formats including Milkshape Ascii and VRML.

  • FSH Tool
    .....This program is used for any *.QFS editing. You can make Vidwals and Menus in a breeze. This is a Image tool, nothing else. Necessary for importing/exporting and compiling image files for NFS 6.
  • MS Paint/Paintshop Pro/Photoshop, ect.
    .....These programs are used to make the Texture Map files for NFS 3-6. They can make the alpha channel(Change car colors). You could even make a NFS7 mods with them.
    --- MS Paint Tutorial (click on the interactive screen)
    --- MS Paint Tutorial 2
    --- Paint Shop ProŽ 9 Free Trial
    --- Adobe:Download the free tryouts or beta versions of various Adobe Software (Photoshop, etc.)
  • EA Graphics Editor
    Primarily used for Track editting- this i a great tool for extracting NFS 6 skin textures as well as some DDS Image files.

  • BinTex by Arushan
    A necessary too for importing/exporting Vinyls for NFS Underground.

    Viv Extractor
    A very useful tool for quickly extracting all files from NFS 3/4 Car.Viv files.

  • NFS Serial Number Editor
    .....This program takes all of the cars in your NFS: HS directory, and put them in a list with the serial number. Duplicate serial numbers can cause the game to crash, so this program allows you to edit the serial number.


Now that we've reviewed the basic (not all, mind you) tools used for car creation/modification, let's begin discussing the first game format:[list=1][*]Creating/Modifying Cars for NFS 3:Hot Pursuit
[*]Creating/Modifying Cars for NFS 4:High Stakes
[*]Creating/Modifying Cars for NFS 5:Porsche Unleased
[*]Creating/Modifying Cars for NFS 6:Hot Pursuit II *work in Proress
[*]Creating/Modifying Cars for NFS 7/8:Underground 1 & 2
*No editing programs have yet to be made for allowing cars to be added to either NFS Underground games. The only possible editing at the moment which can be performed is Vinyls Editing for NFS Underground 1:
--- Vinyl Editing FAQ's and Tutorial by Arushan

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