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Conversation Between F.R. and SLZ Roadstar
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  1. SLZ Roadstar
    SLZ Roadstar
    Yeah. Same here. Old mails come handy sometimes.

    BTW Nice to see you back to business
  2. F.R.
    Hi. please disregard my private message. I have found a sample file sent to me by Robin through e-mail way back in 2010. I guess it's still nice keeping very old e-mails for future use.
  3. F.R.
    sup pal . It has been a very long time since i wrote something on the internet. Nice to see you as a mod now and more than that, still being active in the modding scene. Well I guess my time has come now. I'm feeling that this is the end of my modding career unless I pursue my comeback plan in two weeks time. Chances are low for that because of my very tight schedule.

    Wishing you all the best in life
  4. F.R.
    I was reading that Indian Automotive news. It is quite a surprise that India still didn't have that model.

    Since we're talking about cars; the Pajero Sport, called as Montero Sport in Philippines, is a decent family car. Packs a lot of power and handling is great too. Sadly the interior plastics and overall ergonomics isn't great. It looks like the whole interior job was given to an old blind man. According to the specs, you guys will only get a 2.5 liter diesel without GPS navigation.


    There's the line-up if you're interested. We have four variants each with navigation and VGT Turbo.
  5. SLZ Roadstar
    SLZ Roadstar
    Thanks a lot.

    So how was your b'day celebration?
  6. F.R.
    Thanks .

    Happy Birthday too
  7. SLZ Roadstar
    SLZ Roadstar
    Happy Birthday bro.
  8. F.R.
    College life in my university is quite complicated so I rarely work on my projects.
  9. SLZ Roadstar
    SLZ Roadstar
    Thanks a lot buddy. It worked.

    Whats going on with you?
  10. F.R.
    Use this

    patch float bin:0x##### 10

    Higher value means lower reflection.

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