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  1. Jin Ryu
    Jin Ryu
    No probelm
  2. Mikeman101
    I could write a book about my history on a few forums.
  3. Mikeman101
    Also, for those who've been wondering. Where the **** have i been?

    I've been on other forums, ones that are currently in my interests, i like the world of tech at it's current stage. I've also had not much inspiration to go back onto NFSWorld, i feel like i've been burned on that game, i've been silly enough to buy and buy and buy speedboost and all of the cars. And i feel as if it was a waste.

    I still will play very rarely, but i guess being occupied with other interests gets in my way. I thought, when i took a hiatus, it seemed as if this forum wasn't very active, and while being less active then it was two years ago when Team NFSCars.net World was founded. I respect the current members of the group who are still playing the game and enjoying it. Keep enjoying it, this small community still has a gem or two.

    I'll end my essay there.
  4. Jin Ryu
    Jin Ryu
    Oh, good bye. It's very sad to see that you are going to leave this site. You are a really cool and nice member. But nothing is permanent. BTW, wish you good luck with your band, hope your band will become a big and famous band one day.
    Thanks for reading this.
    Good bye.
    If you ever be interested in cars again, maybe you could reutrn.
  5. Mikeman101
    Well, i'm not gonna be much more active on here.

    Thank you ALL for keeping this small scattered community alive, It's been a good three years on this forum. And i want to say thanks. From when i first started, i was a ****ing *******, a nooby 11 year old with no real cause, and then i joined Team NFSCars.net World in 2011, and it has been the greatest group and first group i've ever been in, but as everything can't be sugar coated, the website basically collapsed. Most of the members who made the site, what it was left. Now it's like BlackBerry. Once great and mighty, now on the brink of collapse. Thank you all, i'd like to thank those who became a friend, those who became a foe (Was there any ****ing foes on here?) and those who made my time on this website memorable.

    Thank you guys, I've moved on, i'm now in a band, and my interests have moved from Cars.

    Mikeman101 (now LMZR)
  6. NeedforSpeed_01
    Thanks, but for the time being, I'm staying here. This is where I started everything. If the ship is sinking, the captain goes down with it. If you know what I mean.
  7. Reight
  8. Reptillian
    Now that you heard that we have a team, I have posted a thread recently. I decided to notify you.
  9. Reight
    yes mike.reptilian and me will go as a modder team from now on.soon we post our own thread
  10. Reight
    haha tnx mike.its a freaked out john deere

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