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Default My PC burned, buying a new one - Please help!

If any1 has sum extra time on their hands wud u by any chance mind converting sum downloadable nfs4 cars to nfs6 for me plz. hopefully this isnt much work for any1 :poke: .
If any1 doesnt mind, can u convert these cars from nfs4 to nfs6 for me... - Enzo (by:KV12supercharged) - Mazda rx-7 (by:Sparkle) - Mitsubishi blitz (by:Fivespeed) - Mitsubishi fnf (by:Fivespeed) - Subaru wrx (byG-R) - Toyota fnf (Donnie Briscoe)

ummm... i guess thats it for now, , thanx ahead of time if u convert them n im not here :super: .
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