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Originally Posted by TwIzTiD
I think you should browse the NFS6 cars... 3(EDIT: 2) of them are converted.

EDIT: You should have Specified with Enzo..
not 2 b rude or anything, but did u clik on the link to the enzo, its different, that one dusnt have a top, n its called the ferrari enzo spyder concept, its just that i cudnt fit the whole name there becuz i needed each link to the cars to be only on one line each. ok, ok i c that a cuple of cars are already in the nfs6 cars which r the zonda n koenigsegg, ill take them out, thanx. For the subaru i alredy kno there is 1 in the nfs6 cars section, but the one for nfs4 looks a whole lot better n i wud lyk to have that one converted, and same goes for the supra, the eclipses, n the rx-7
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