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Originally Posted by MustangMan
Hey! Im new to and I love NFS and I was wonderin If n e 1 is going to make a 1971-73 Mustang Mach 1 for Hot Pursuit 2. That would be sick to get that. I already have a '67 Cobra GT500 and a 1999 35th aniversary ed. Can sum1 make the Mach 1 and a possible 2004 Mustang?
Oh yea, Colors should be anything you want, but add a Silver NFS one with a black stripe down the hood and MACH 1 on the sides and back.

Thanx alot if you can!!
Hopefully some Ford Lover can make this car for you and me both I LOVE, Love, Love Mach 1's !!! Can't get enough of them, new or old- I've been trying to get some guy sell me his 69' Grande AND a Mach 1 as well...they are both rusted-up but...oh, my eyes weep at the possibilities
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