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Default NFS1: the setup for XP !


Hey everybody !
I made a setup for Windows XP to install The Need for Speed Special Edition.
I tested it and there aren't problems...

It's not a crack ! You need the original CD to play




- Put the CD of The Need for Speed Special Edition in the CD drive

- Download and install DOSBox:

- Configure DOSBox (launch Program Files/DOSBox X.XX Options):

Replace fullscreen=false with fullscreen=true
Replace machine=svga_s3 with machine=svga_et4000

Then add these commands, at the bottom of the file, under [autoexec]:

mount D D:/ -t cdrom -usecd 0
mount C C:/progra~1

- Launch setup-nfsse.exe to install the game (do not change the installation path)


*If you haven't got the CD but a .ISO file:

Mount the disk image with a specific program. Then replace the line:
mount D D:/ -t cdrom -usecd 0
With the line:
mount D X:/ -t cdrom -usecd 0
Where "X" is the letter of your virtual disk (check it in My computer)

*If the shorcut of the game doesn't work:

Right click on the shorcut, and verify the field Target


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