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Default Thoughts on NFS MW '12

Ok, so i've spent the last few hours playing NFS MW 2012 and i have some thoughts and responses to some of the post prior.

1, the cops are just as dumb as they ever were, and that's fine i wasn't expecting to play chess with them, but i was disappointed when i found the same sh-t that worked in mw '05 worked in '12 after hearing how great the new ai is. It's not great, and the cops practically beat off every time they see your tires leave the dirt for more than a second, i have never -NEVER in my life heard an officer use the phrase "oh wow, this guy just caught some air" while pursuing a reckless driver. which by the way IS WHAT THEY WOULD CALL YOU not "suspect" reckless, speeding, a-hole -that's you. And another thing, why are these cops all 19 year olds? are 45 y/o voice actors too hard to find these days? i'm fleeing from the cops and all i can think as i'm running is, has this "cops" balls even dropped yet? is this steve from IT? are there no actual voice actors in this game??

2, the controls are stiff. really stiff, to the point of feeling unresponsive, do you know what this game feels like? it feels like "cruising the world", that flaming sack of sh$7 from the 90's, where all you do is move from side to side and bump into other racers. and that's exactly what you do in this game, move side to side, and bump into other racers.

3, it is WAY TOO #$^&ING easy to blow up in this game, so much as nick the side of your car and BOOM, your toast -though not that it matters cause you'll start back up again at 50 mph because in this game, apparently, being blown off the track into a million pieces is part of the racing experience, you know like irl.

4, goddamn it why is this so slow!? i don't mean fps, i literally mean, why the @#%^ does going 150 mph feel like i'm doing 30? this is NEED for SPEED!! why do i always feel like i'm dragging my ***??

5, the crash, good god almighty the crashes, i hope you FU$#ING LOVE watching your car do somersaults cause the gameplay comes to a screeching halt EVERY TIME, while you sit there and watch your car crash for 5 seconds. every. time. you. crash. who the @#^$'s idea was this? a HUGE part of the racing experience is MANAGING your crashes! tacking against the roll, steering away from traffic when you can and hopefully landing with your *** behind you so you can get back in the race. this is an integral part of the racing experience which is wiped out entirely by a "gaming" mechanic NOBODY ASKED FOR. the game just stops and stares at your sorry *** while you just SIT THERE and wait to be ALLOWED to start playing again.

6, there's no customization. there is literally no car customization. this game is a part of the nfs underground dynasty and there's no. f#$king. customizing. let that sink in for a minute.

7, it's been said before, and yea this is burnout with a stolen title, see the above if you don't know what that means.

8, props to the designers, this game is 100% gorgeous. the gameplay is s@#t, but it looks great.

9, i never thought i'd say this -but i miss the story. those god awful half-assed attempts at the already badly written fast and furious scripts are gone. and suddenly, i don't care. why does my driver want to be the no 1 racer? who are these other racers? why do i care? maybe this gets flushed out later in the game, but so far, nothing. it's just a meaningless void between races.

10, the "slams". F@#k you who ever came up with this idea: lets make a giant splash screen across the drivers view port every time he so much as touches another vehicle, BI#$% I CAN'T SEE!! Stop telling me i hit a car, I KNOW i hit a car, i was there, remember?? I don't need a reminder .5 seconds after the fact -taking up 5 inches of screen above and below the horizon, and another thing! I DON'T NEED ANY motivation to knock other drivers into oncoming traffic, i do that sh@# on my own -FOR FUN. Why am i being rewarded by the game for this things i already enjoy doing?? who the F@#^S idea was this!? was there some committee issuing surveys asking players what parts of the racing experience they enjoyed the most? and then building gameplay around those activities? do you have any idea how stupid that is? that's like giving mario bonus points for jumping.

11, driving. I don't know who was talking about how hard it was to "master" the art of pulling the e-brake in this game, but for anyone else with a full set of chromosomes out there if you've ever played a video game before you'll "master the e-brake" in seconds. This game is ludicrously easy. it requires zero skill, races are determined by luck and mean driving, which now, doesn't take more than a love tap to knock out your competitors, which sounds fun (it's not) but they can do the same to you.

12, level 5 police in a stock ford focus and i get away, this is not me boasting, this is GOD AWFUL gameplay, if i can roll out of a pile of SUV's in a stock car 2 minutes into the game, wtf is going to be the challenge 4 hours from now? this would not happen in '05, infact, your not even allowed to pass level 3 until you beat a certain number of top racers cause the game know's it's level 4 would destroy you.

This title has been massively mismanaged. most wanted ('05) is my all time favorite racing game, quite possibly my all time favorite game! the controls are super tight, the game requires -no demands- real skill from the player to execute perfect turns and slides -you need an intimate knowledge of the map and the road and even the condition of the terrain to pull that perfect s-turn and you f#$% it ups 100 times at EXACTLY the same spot, but when you get it, god damn that feels good! and the kids who play this game will never understand that. that delayed gratification that come from really understanding how a game is played and how to drive your specifically tuned automobile (which oh by the way, is another mechanic that's been removed from this game) there's nothing to understand about MW '12, you just hit the gas and crash over and over till you win, oh and btw, you HAVE TO ride automatic, you can't choose manual, not that you'd ever want to there's no point to it in this game, i can't tell you how many times i tried to drop to 3rd around a corner only to find myself facing the rear of my car and remembering, oh yea, i can take a turn at 200 mph and not worry about @#$^ cause this is crazy taxi and nothing matters... sigh...

the worst part about this game -the very worst #^$&ing part, is how it all comes together in a game play mechanic that allows for no real skill to ever become of greater value than dumb luck and an overly aggressive racing style.

THERE IS NO SKILL REQUIRED TO PLAY THIS GAME and that's what kills it, this is mario kart with aston martins minus everything fun about mario kart. (you know, banana's and sh$%)
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