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Default ENB Series for low end PC's

Yesterday I found out that about 1 year ago a guy called "xpertvision" completely redesigned an ENB Series for people with low end pc's running NFS the Run. At the time the patch 1.1 hadn't been released so the game was still limited to 30FPS and a lot of people even with medium to high spec PC's were complaining about lag, low FPS etc. This ENB "... basically removes glare / blur / bloom / obscan... in some GPU's by simply turning off these effects you gain many FPS...". There was a link to download it but it's gone, as you would expect from something that was posted 1 year ago...

I contacted him and asked him to reupload this ENB but so far no answer. Now, in my case I'm running the game in an old laptop with Core 2 Duo 2.2GHz, an HD4570 512MB DDR3 and 4GB DDR3 RAM at 1024x768 60 hz resolution (max. res. of my external monitor) with every display setting on "low". Before the 1.1 patch even in "time attack" races with only one car I had a lot of lag on some more detailed zones of the game, now with the 1.1. patch I noticed it's faster but still the game isn't playable in multi-car races and in some more detailed zones like San Francisco, New York and LA so I think this ENB would be useful to gain some more FPS. The problem is that if the author doesn't tell me anything I'm thinking about doing it by myself, but I don't even know what ENB he used as a base and I don't know much about configuring ENB, so can somebody tell me what base ENB should I use and how should I configure it in order to disable "glare / blur / bloom / obscan"..? I'm sure I'm not the only one in this situation.

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ENB is very easy , theres just an .ini file with it that has a bunch of configuration settings with their names such as bloom: and u can either put 1 as "on" and 0 as "off"
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Originally Posted by Patje View Post
ENB is very easy , theres just an .ini file with it that has a bunch of configuration settings with their names such as bloom: and u can either put 1 as "on" and 0 as "off"
That I already know lol The basics are no problem for me, but nevermind, the ENB developer himself (Boris Vorontsov)told me that "that author didn't use enbseries, because to turn off something particular for the game programming skills are required. I hate modern nfs games and ignore them, so can't help."

So, although the author says he used the ENB he must have used something else besides it.

And I did try the official ENB's from other games like Burnout Paradise and turned the values off but nothing worked.
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Charles C. Rogers
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Nice recommendation for the low end PC,s but know every one play with the x box and some other latest techniques.So these PC,s are very few in number.But ENB Series is really good for them.
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