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Default 3Ds Max Main Modifier Tools In Theory

I got asked to explain some of those really important tools you got in programs like 3ds max and maya, so here it goes.
some of those tools might function differently due to plugins, like i have one that gives me the ability to use the bridge tool over an edge, but thats all up to the users taste - you can pretty much archive everything with those tools bone stock.

The bevel tool gives you the ability to extrude (explained at the bottom) a surface, and size its top surface smaller or bigger.

Bevel in Action:

Boolean is a mathematical process the computer does for you, it adds or substracts a selected mesh onto a prior selected mesh, and gives you the ability to easily make holes, or ornaments, spikes, etc.
(this is an extended function and doesnt belong here, technically.)

Boolean in Action:

An awesome way to connect surfaces together, you select 2 edges and it builds up a surface inbetween.

Bridge in Action:

Chamfer is a way to archive either another polygon row ontop of an edge, or make an edge rounded, this is like the master tool to every car modeller.

Chamfer in Action:

Connect is my favorite tool, it gives you the ability to select edges and just tile them however you like, i use this alot, on almost every part on a mesh i build up - this tool is almost ESSENTIAL to make a GREAT model ... wow i sound like an advertiser here

Connect in Action:

The Extrude tool grows up another 3 dimensional surface on top of a selected surface, according to its postition and alignment.

Extrude in Action:

there are more tools, wich i didnt picture because theyre something to play around and find out by yourself:
Weld Connects 2 vertexes together that are next to each other.

Target Weld
Target Weld connects a selected vertex to another selected vertex next to it.

Creates a Vertex or a polygon according to selected vertexes whereever you like - its kind of like a freehand modelling tool.

Merges any selected vertexes together to one, wich then will be placed in the exact middle of all prior selected vertexes together.

Detaches Vertexes or Polys from its nearest neighbours, and either leaves them in the same object or puts them into a new object. it can make a copy of the selected vertex/poly too.

This is the exact opposite of the Detach tools, it attachs Vertexes, Polys or objects to a selected object.

This removes any unneded vertexes, or edges, additionally it can transform triangles to ngons.

Here is a little "map" to get to all those tools inside of 3DS Max, i cannot tell you where you will find them inside of Maya or any other program thoo :/

The Positions of those tools are mainly all the same in the different modes.

Any Questions or ideas? Hit me up,
- Rick.
Follow me on twitter: https://twitter.com/ricknfs

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well done rick, keep this up and we'll have to have a dedicated forum just for you.
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Errrm, no awake mods still?
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well expained. xD
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where can i download it and is it easy to use for beginners?
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hey rick. i been reading alot ur forums on nfscars.com and i have a question for u if u could help =) i have photoshop and autodesk 3ds 2012 and i was curious on how to get all the body upgrades to work with the ford fusion sport i swapped with the audi tt in u2. if u could help it be great thx u =)

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