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Important announcements regarding this board or NFSCars Bug Reports & Suggestions

Found a bug on the site? Have a great idea for the site? Put it in here!

NFSCars Cop Shop

Report any stolen cars, or infected files you find on the site here.

NFSCars PodCast

A recording by your hosts Nuts4Ford and Sinister with HawkSXS, discussing topics ranging from Need for Speed to upcoming movies, games, and quality active threads in the NFSCars Forum.

General NFS Discussion (2007- Current)

General Need For Speed Discussion of Titles Ranging from 2007 to the Most Current.

General NFS Community Discussion

Discuss everything related to Future Need For Speed developments, Case Studies, and Racing Events, which are not covered in other specific forums

Car Editing Discussion

Discuss everything related to NFS Car Editing

Track Editing Discussion

Post your NFS Track Editing Projects, questions, Tips and answers Here.

Editing Projects

If you are working on a scratch made car, or released a scratch made car, announce it here!

If you are working on a scratch made car or some parts, show them off here!

Request Forums [Bugged]

Make your request Cars, Tracks, and Mods here. (bugged now , we will investigate later about it)

Request Forums

Make your request Cars, Tracks, and Mods here.

General Discussion

Discussions about World of Speed, an MMO developed by Slightly Mad Studios.

Pictures Corner

Request pictures of real cars, or show off your own pics!

Real Cars & Motorsports

From F1 to Boat racing and Moped to Ferrari Enzo, as long as it's real and has an engine!

General Gaming

PC & Console gaming, everything except NFS

Tech Talk

A forum to discuss computers, gadgets, software and other related stuff!

General 3D Modelling

Everything not related to need for speed or car modelling belongs in here.


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