Posting Proper Forum Topic Titles

Nov. 19, 2004, 7:55 p.m.
Gentlemen- a moment of your time please.

When creating a forum topic- please have the courtesy of posting the topic title according to the topic content. If the the topic you are creating is in regards to a car editing project, then please name the topic accordiing to your name of the project :
  • Nissan Fairlady, almost finished…
  • AMC Javelin for NFS 6, 90%….
or your edting/converting group, etc.
  • Mike's Grage
  • Neo's Converting Garage
  • Mafia Editing Group
If the topic you have created has anything to do with car editng questions, general NFS discussion- please…do not simply post something like:
  • "I need Help"
  • "Arrrrgggg HHH !"
Take a little time to try to explain the problem/question/comment- this allows everyone to udnerstand what the topic is about at a glance of the title. There have been too many topics with very non-desriptive or even useles titles such as:
  • "Meh"
  • Oh, yes…come get some"
  • "I was bored so…."
It does not take much effort nor ingenuity to name topics acordingly and it mkes for a more organized forum as well- often times I am asked to locate a topic for someone yet I cannot find it because the topic title has NOTHING to do with the subject !

And, on the subject of all these "OFFICIAL" topics that keep sprouting up- I ask that you not use the word "Official" in your topics unless it actually applies. Most people who see an "Official" topic consider that it is a topic which has been posted or authorized as a sticky (or matter of general importance by the staff)- therefore, I ask that if anyone desires to have their topic named as an "Official" topic that you allow a staff member to designate it as such- of course, it must meet a the criteria of actually being an extensively commented on topic in order for it to either be official or a sticky, IE: NFS U2 Official Discussion Topic, Official Desktop Topic, Official Birthday Topic, etc.

Your cooperation would be much apprecaited and make our jobs a lot easier as well :super:

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