Improper Communication with Staff Members

Jan. 4, 2005, 12:07 p.m.
*NOTE:This topic concerns the contacting of a staff member via PM/IM/E-mail. If you already know the proper "etiquette" for these contacts or already have established your communication with any one of the staff, then disregard this issue.


Board Moderators are here to Moderate the forums and keep things tidy by organizing topics where they belong, editing, deleting topics and comments and so forth.

Webmasters/Administrators have a greater responsiblity since we are primarily concerned with the entire site and forums as a whole. We maintain the entire site and keep things as updated and problem free as possible. We tend to the probelms which cannot be corrected by the Moderators or the Forum FAQ's.

To break down each one of the staff member's particular duties is not the purpose of this topic. Although we, individual staff members, try to assist anyone when possible, we can certainly not assist everyone as we would like - especially when it comes to car editing, PC Issues, etc. We are here to assist and redirect you when we can but, we are not here to provide 24/7 coverage for car editing assistance/discussion or "Chats".

All too often I have tried to revise, write or rewrite a tutorial or site-related issue which necessitates having up to 12 windows open only to constantly be bothered by member's PM's, IM's and e-mails which have absolutely nothing to do with site-related issues. Some of the messages are so inane that it is very frustrating to stop doing something which is beneficial to the site because I answer the PM/IM/E-mail thinking it is something important….and then I lose track of what I was doing, lose all my information and have to start from the beginning.

Some members even think that they will somehow "get ahead" or be considered "Special" simply because they "fraternize with the admin"- this is very childish and is a complete waste of my time personally. I have spent too much time trying to politely explain why I cannot "chat" nor have the time to do so only to recieve the typical "wtf", "Fine- I'm only trying to be nice, say hello..", "who the F*** do you think you are…", etc." type of response.This is especially frustrating when members contact me at 2:00am or later and feel they have a "right" to message me simply because I am online.

It only takes a little common sense to figure out some of these issues as well as recognizing when you have been politely asked not to bother someone. Some of you have been "playing the role" of a staff member and have only succeeded in angering other members by assuming a position which does not correspond to you - remember, one thing is politely informing another member of what the rules are but only staff members can enforce them.

For the record, all the staff members are as generous with their time and assistance and try to asisst but, please remember that both Mike and Sander are quite busy with restructuring the site/script and dealing with the various Bug Reports and suggestions. Myself…I've explained this too many times- so…the next time you consider contacting any member of the staff….please, make sure it is for justifiable reason.

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