"Wannabe" Staff/Moderator "impersonators"

Jan. 4, 2005, 3:26 p.m.
Ok- this is a somewhat unpleasant topic I must post. It's unpleasant because I am finding it necessary to remind too many members about too many issues. I'ved tried to be more lenient and less strict- yet, the more freedom which is offered it seems that the more is abused of this.

Some of you have taken it upon yourself to behave as if you were staff members. Some of you , day in and day out, go about the forums constantly reminding members of "what they should and shoud not do". I've even had to remove some member's signatures because they had included a "mimmick" of NFSCars Staff Signatures, confusing new members into thinking that "you" were official staff members- the situation is getting a little carried away so…I am offering this announcement as a very polite way of asking those concerned to simply STOP !

The ONLY members on this site who are authorized to give out andy type of advisory or "warning" for infractions are NFSCars Staff members. Simply because you feel you know and abide by the rules does NOT give you precedence over other members here. At NFSCars we only have two types of members: Staff and Regular members- having been a member for a long time ("senior" members) does not place you on any hierarchy over any other member on this site- for those of you who do not know what a hierarchy is:
  1. A body of persons having authority.
    1. Categorization of a group of people according to ability or status.
    2. The group so categorized.
  2. A series in which each element is graded or ranked
  3. …or, simply put…a system of ranking people/things in accordance to their importance

With that said, if you are too young to understand the words…you have no business telling others what to do in the first place because you obviously do not have a full comprehension of the Forum Rules. For those of you who DO understand this and STILL insist on playing out these roles which do not correspond to you…you have no business telling others what to do in the first place because you obviously do not have a full comprehension of the Forum Rules.

In other words….STOP. Concern yourself with "Assisting" if you would like, but do not impose yourself nor your comments…THAT is not your right. Not only do you gain enemies by annoying other people with your actions but, you also do so by often times incorrectly stating rules or even going so far as to reprimand other members.

All NFSCars Members should concern themselves with enjoying themselves as part of this community, sharing opinions in the various forums we have, learning how to model or simply making friendships- I cannot stress anymore the importance of allowing the staff to do their jobs- those who disregard this notification will find themselves in violation of the rules and will be subject to administrative action.

Also, you should never forget that, with the new board, came a new feature to report bad posts to the Staff.
Beowulf made a sticky thread concerning this feature here:

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