How to Properly Post Comments/Topics

Jan. 18, 2005, 10:03 p.m.
I have just written this new topic in the hopes that all members can learn from proper topic/comment posting. I have made it easily accesible at the very top of each every forum so that anyone can be directed to this topic.

If you have any comments and/or suggestions for additional comments to add to this announce ment, please post them here, thank you.

How to create topics and make proper posts and comments.

The VERY FIRST thing I ask ALL new members to do is to read the Official NFSCars Forum Rules. As a member of this site it is your responsibility to read the Forum rules as well as the Main Site rules. It is your responsibility to inform yourself of the Forum FAQ's and the Announcements- this is the only way problems with improper posting can be avoided.

Please familiarize yourself with the following topics:

  • ALL Comments must be in ENGLISH only- No exceptions !
  • Do not post your comments in CAPS- Using CAPITAL LETTERS ONLY is the "internet equivalent" of yelling and is considered to be rude and quite annoying.
  • Do not use slang to post your comments- use proper grammar, terms and words. We are a world-wide gaming site and utilizing proper grammar makes it a lot easier for people from other countries to understand what is being said.
  • Do not use "Ghetto-Speak", "Thug-Speak", "Hip-Hop", "l33t Sp3ak", etc. to write your comments with, ie;

    "hEy, yO ! WaTz Da sHiZZle"

    Once again, type in English only and use proper grammar so that everyone can understand what you are talking about.
  • Make sure that the comment you are making actually has to do with the topic subject matter or is at least in a response to one of the other member's previous posts- however, please do not utilize the forums for personal communication- for this we have the PM (Private Message) system or you can communicate with each other by external Instant Messengers such as MSN, AIM, etc. Going off topic from the subject matter is also considered spamming and subject to administrative intervention.
  • Do not keep repeatedly responding to comments out of boredom…not only is this annoying to others, it is considered spamming and in violation of the Official NFSCars Forum Rules.
  • Do NOT Keep asking "How do I make a car" or "Can you make this car for me"- the Official NFSCars Forum Rules as well as the Member's Personal Information Links topic, both show the proper forum topic for posting requests and the NFSCars Car Editing FAQ's and Tutorials have been created specifically for getting people started in creating/editing cars.
  • Make sure that the comment you make is a complete comment/sentence and not simply a few words or smiley's- in the event your forget to mention something in your comment, DO NOT post another comment right after submitting the first one- instead, utilize theedit.gifbutton located on your previous comment to add, edit or delete any part of that message. If you submit a second, immediate, post…that is called "Double-Posting" which happens to be in violation of the NFSCars Forum rules.

  • Do not create topic after topic simply out of boredom - Our Off Topic forum is for entertainment purposes but, constantly posting topics about "What's your favorite color", etc. is uncalled for- remember, NFSCars Forums is a Message Board, NOT a Chat Room.
  • Make sure you have used the Forum Search Function located at the top of each page in the forum index to check to see if the topic you wish to post already exists- this prevents additional clutter and disorganization in the forums.
  • Post a PROPER Title which describes what the topic is actually about- don't simply type something like "Help", "I'm new here", etc. For further information, please read the following topic:
    Posting Proper Forum Topic Titles

Last, but not least, if you are confused about any matter, do not hestitate to contact one of the staff members as long as you have a valid issue to discuss or question to ask- the NFSCars staff members have a specific purpose to fulfill when they are on site and have voluntarily dedicated their personal time to assist the entire site and have many issues to deal with so, please…respect their positions and their limited time and do not contact them unnecessarily.

If you happen to have a suggestion for any improvements or simply wish to share your suggestions or have found a "Bug" you would like to report, you may do so by posting your comments in our Bugreports & Suggestions topic or by sending a PM (Private Message) to one of the staff members.

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