Lack of respect for moderators and other members…

Dec. 21, 2003, 1:20 a.m.
Every now and then I get angry because of things happening on the site. It's that time again and by this post I will try to explain WHY I am angry.

Lately, the respect for other people on this site (other members, admins, moderators or people who are new to the site) seemed to have disappeard. Flamewars, offensive posts and 'unfriendly' PM's to admins or moderators occur regularly.


I don't understand why this is happening. This is a community, people with different opinions, different manners, different nationalities and different ages come together on this stie to discuss the one thing we all like: Need For Speed. And that is the sole reason this site exists.

Because so many different people are here on the site, rules are needed and so rules have been set a long time ago. Moderators and admins have been appointed the task to enforce these rules. You best see them as cops, but not the one trying to give you speeding tickets, but the one that wants to keep the peace. Therefor, people will have to respect these admins and moderators. The task of being as objective as possible and able to enforce rules is hard and if people don't respect that, it's even harder.

All I want is place where people with something in common can discuss things as freely as humanly possible without stepping on people's toes. The rules are designed for that and as long as you follow them, you should be ok.

As of now, I want to introduce a Zero Tolerance policy. If you don't follow the rules, you will have to live with the consequences. Warnings will only be given over small violations of the rules. Big violations, such as flaming, posting offensive comments and/or posts and disrespecting other people's opinions will result in a blocked account. And I don't care if you're new to the site, or have 1000+ posts on this board and a dozen of cars on the site, the rules are there for everyone to follow.

If you see someone breaking the rules, DO NOT respond to that person, but notify a moderator or admin either through PM or over MSN/AIM/YIM/ICQ/IRC/Email/whatever.

The reason why I run this site, is because I like the fact that it brings joy to a lot of people. Because of the recent change in attitude, the fun of it is getting less. And if it drops below a certain level, I will pull the plug on this site, or at least the forum and the comments sections.

I hope I made myself clear. The rules are there for a reason and so are the moderators and admins.

If you have problems with the text above, let me know through PM.

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