Making a MOD Car for NFS3 in 2017 a new and Kinda completed guide

May 10, 2017, 11:53 p.m.
Visit my blog for tools packet and PDF with pictures
Making a MOD car for for NFS3


Wrote in 2017 by Beterhans

Tools for NFS.3
Tools for general purpose.3
Getting started.4
Pick a car as your base.4
Do the paper work.4
Know your Car index ID and name your CAR a new 4 letters code name.4
3D Modeling.7
3D Model7
Texutre file.9
Delete parts from original EA car’s FCE.10
Input parts.10
Edit the surface.11
What will be lost if you export or input obj or convert a FCE from NFS3.12
Lights / Dummy editing.13
Put all parts and the  in the right place.13
Center your NFS4 FCE using FEC Center.14
Rename Dummies / lights and convert to NFS3 FCE.14
Save as NFS3 FCE.15
Input back to VIV..15
Car Performance and property CARP.txt.16
Serial Number.16
Car Classification.16
Spoiler funtion type.16
Top speed / Maxium volocity.17
Subdivide Level17
Antilock brakes.17
Road bumpiness factor.17
Camera arm..17
Pitch to roll factor.17
Power steering.18
Opponents (AI Acceleration table).18
Number of gears.19
Final gear.19
Velocity to RPM19
Gear Ratios.20
Gear efficiency.20
Shift delay.20
Minimum RPM20
Redline RPM20
Front drive ratio.20
Shift Blip in RPM21
Brake Blip in RPM21
Torque Curve.21
G Transfer factor.21
Front Brake Bias Ratio.22
Brand LOGO..28
Loading screen of the car.29
Compare Art.29

A car contain following elements.
1.[font=Times New Roman]      [/font]Basic info (paper work)
2.[font=Times New Roman]      [/font]The 3D model
3.[font=Times New Roman]      [/font]The texture file
4.[font=Times New Roman]      [/font]Performance data
5.[font=Times New Roman]      [/font]Dashboard (cockpit)
6.[font=Times New Roman]      [/font]Sound ( I don’t know how to make it)
7.[font=Times New Roman]      [/font]Brand logo
8.[font=Times New Roman]      [/font]Showcase
9.[font=Times New Roman]      [/font]Loading screen
10.[font=Times New Roman]  [/font]Voice for police to address you ( I don’t know how to make it)
11.[font=Times New Roman]  [/font]Compare art.
I’ll try to cover all the details I know for you.
Tools for NFS
NFS Wizard
The pack and unpack tool for viv files (car files)
Image pack and unpack for FSH and QSF image files
FCE Finish
3D Model editor for NFS4 (can do parts lights surface property edit)
FCE Center
Fix the Center problem from FCE Finish (without it your car will be above or under ground)
FCE Converter
Convert NFS4 model to NFS3
Tools for general purpose
Make texture file with alpha channel.
A free open source and all platform 3D modeling software.
Getting started
Pick a car as your base
No tools will offer you the abilty to start your project from “new” so you need to choose a car as your base.
In most case choose a car which is simular to your project. Copy that car’s viv file to a new folder and name it with a new 4 letters code name
Do the paper work
Know your Car index ID and name your CAR a new 4 letters code name.
Once you selected your base car, you’ll need to start do the paper work.
Fire up NFS Wizard select your NFS3 car folder, then choose from menu file => serial number list
It will show you current car’s Index ID
Just use an ID that is not used by an existing car will do.
There are 2 types of index number
Blow 50  (can have loading screen, choose if you know you can make a really good car)
equal or greater than 50(can’t have loading screen, recommanded for someone tring to learn).
Editing other paper work
The main paper work information is FEDATA.ENG
Others are for other languages. Delete them if you don’t care about other languages.
I perfer I delete them. Because if you forgot to change the name or ID in that languge your car’s name and ID will become different in that language settings.
General paper work
3D Modeling
You can start this part from 3 ways
[li]Modify an existing NFS3 / 4 cars[/li]
[li]Convert a 3d model from other game or non-game[/li]
[li]Draw by yourself.[/li]
There are 2 types of 3D model
1 is detailed high poly model (all detail is made by 3D model) for example the gap between door and body are real gap between 3d models, the head light have real 3d model inside. (modern game like forza)
2 is low poly model. The gap and headlight is not existed but use texutre to show it. (NFS3 and NFS4 cars)
It’s your decision to choose.  But here is a warning. A high poly model need to be reduced before input into game.
high poly model don’t need complex texture file. But low poly need a good texutre file.
Or else it’ll slow your game down a lot.  I won’t cover how to use a 3D modeling app like 3D Max or maya or blender here. Since it’s a great topic. I only show you the process what I do during the process.
3D Model
I take my latest camaro SS 2013 as an example. I use blender (the only free 3D modeling app)
[li]Export the FCE 3D Model (also called mesh) file from EA’s Corvette (since camaro is also from chevrolet)
[li]Convert to NFS4 HS format FCE in FCE Convertter.
open as NFS3 save as NFS4 HS
edit the new color if you like. (ignore the color description that for NFS4, 1[sup]st[/sup] two are primary color, 3 and 4 are secondary color. 1[sup]st[/sup] two need to be same last two need to be same.)
[li]Open the NFS4 FCE with FCE finish

export high body as (obj format)[/li]
[li]Open the obj in blender or 3D max or maya or zmolder
meansure the width of Office EA car. (without the mirror)
I usually create a plan as a ruller to mean EA cars.
and them go to a web site like and find out the cars real life dimension data.

for example
EA Car                                                                                   Your new car
1500 mm in width (real life)                                        1550 mm in width (real life)
1.78 in width (3D modeling program)                      1550/1500 * 1.78 = 1.8393 in width (3D modeling program)

[li]Find your base car data and your target car data. Calcuate the percentage of your target car’s width related to your base car. And keep the percentage info.

[li]Draw or import your new car[/li]
[li]If you are importing high poly model from free 3D model or modern game you need to reduce the complexity of the model.
remove all parts that can’t been seen in the game.
fill the gap with faces. Remove inside parts of the car.
remove duplicated parts / faces
remove parts / faces which are stacked together.
make a taxture file can be 512 x 512
make UV Mapping
remove or merge duplicated unused vertex

you don’t need to take care edge shading (smooth or sharp) perproties.
it will be lost when you input into FCE Finish. You change edge sharpness in FCE Finish.[/li]
[li]Scale your model with the data you got from step 4.
this will make your car correct sized in NFS world.[/li]
[li]Make 4 Wheels for the new high body as separated parts
I suggest youtube video on “geometry reduction your 3d software" before you do this.[/li]
[li]Make medium body by further reduce the complexity of the high body part.[/li]
[li]Make 4 low poly wheel[/li]
[li]Make a crazy sample box as small body and tiny body based on the size of high body part.
you can study other cars 1[sup]st[/sup].[/li]
[li]Make headlight part if the headlight is foldable.[/li]
[li]Make sure or convert all faces in every part into triangle[/li]
[li]Flip the face / normal to reverse direction (I didn’t know 3Dmax or zmodler but blender need to do this)
in game enginne, only on face of the triangle will be shown. That face called normal.
the FCE Finish have some bug will take in face info inverted. So you need to flip the normal before you input into FCE Finish.[/li]
[li]Export the parts as obj file.[/li]
Texutre file
You should do this part at the same time when you do the 3D model.
One thing need to know
Texutre need an alpha channel and only photoshop or gimp can do it.
you’d better watch some youtube about “photoshop alpha channel TGA” before you save your texture file to TGA.
In NFS3 the alpha channel value can be
00 (black) transparent
ff(white) show texutre, no transparent
75(primary color) with texture
C8(Secondy color) with texture (the SV on diablo SV is secondy color)
You should avoid the alpha channel have any other value other than above.
Delete parts from original EA car’s FCE
Delete all the parts execpt one from EA car FCE (if you delete all the app crash)
Why just new a FCE?
You can’t!
Input parts
Parts need to be in this order
high body                                                            (when the car is closed to camera, should have chrome I mean reflection)
high left front wheel                                       (when the car is closed to camera, shoud have no chrome)
high right front wheel
high left rear wheel
high right rear wheel
medium body                                                    (a rough model, but still can see it’s a car, should not have chrome)
medium l front wheel                                    (a rough model, better looks like a octagon or a square)
medium r front wheel                                    (should not have chome, and without it you wheel well be still there)
medium l rear wheel                                      (even you hit a police spike)
medium r rear wheel                                      (so make your mdium wheels)
small body                                                          (almost a box not a car)
tiny body                                                             (a big box cover all the parts of the car, serve as a hit box reduce CPU)
high headlights
but the FCE finish have some bug
you need to input in reversed order
select your only last part input high headlights or tiny body
after input you have 2 parts with same name. rename the upper one and delete the last one
and click here to center the pivot point
Input small body obj
Rename the upper one and input next obj
Repeat the process.
Edit the surface
Effects available for NFS3 are
[li]Nothing selected (normal chome normal reflection) can combin with semi transparent[/li]
[li]Don’t chrome (no reflection) can combin with semi transparent[/li]
[li]High chrome (high reflection) can combin with semi transparent[/li]
[li]Semi transparent (black color texture make transparent, white make white)[/li]
The smooth group are face based. (not edge based) default group are avoid sharp edge.
If you want to see through transparent window you can
Menu => view => hide window
Helpful if you want to Don’t chrome the inside.
Headlight tip
If you model is complex the headlight is inside a simi transparent window
Make sure the window’s texture is black!
What will be lost if you export or input obj or convert a FCE from NFS3
[li]Sharp / smooth face / edge information (all faces all edge’s sharpness information is lost)[/li]
[li]Face property (chrome, reflaction, transparence)[/li]
[li]Group information[/li]
[li]Face direction / normal will be flipped.[/li]

Lights / Dummy editing
Lights in NFS called dummy.
You can move around or create new lights by
NFS3 only care about the name of the Dummies. The property in FCE Finish won’t affect.
Just position all your lights that’s all (you can’t rename it inside FCE Finish, you have to use another tool to rename it)
Put all parts and the  in the right place
[li]Make sure your high body is in the middle[/li]
[li]Move the pivot of the high body to center of mass[/li]
[li]Move wheels to the right place and the pivot point need to be at center of the wheels[/li]
[li]Move the medium body to match the high body they should be overlaped.[/li]
[li]Move the pivot point point of the medium body to the same place as high body[/li]
[li]Move medium wheels to the same place as high wheels[/li]
[li]Move small body and it’s pivot point to the same place as high body[/li]
[li]Move tiny body to cover all other parts
the pivot point should be at the same place as high body
the botton surface of the tiny body should touch the lowest point of high wheels.[/li]
Backup your 3D parts
Export your parts as ffp format
Ffp format is a perfect format for FCE Finish it won’t lost any information when you input
Center your NFS4 FCE using FEC Center
There is a low chance that you FCE will works fine without use this.
Rename Dummies / lights and convert to NFS3 FCE
Lights supported by NFS3 are
HFLO                                     Left Head light (flash type 1 when siren on)
HFRE                                      Right Head light(flash type 2 when siren on)
TRLN                                      Left Brake light
TRRN                                     Right Brake light
TRLNN                                  Left Brake light  (innor)
TRRNN                                  Right Brake light (innor)
SMLN                                    Police Blue Siren
SMRN                                   Police Red Siren
For NFS3 keep 1[sup]st[/sup] 2 color same keep last 2 color same.
1[sup]st[/sup] 2 is primary color, last 2 is second color
For police car
Make 1[sup]st[/sup] color all black or delete all colors.
Save as NFS3 FCE
As the title says.
Input back to VIV
Input back your FCE and CAR00.TGA (texture) into viv package by NFS wizard.

Car Performance and property CARP.txt
The CARP.txt is the real information that effect your car’s speed weight and other properties.
Serial Number
Must be same as it in FEDATA.ENG
Car Classification
0 is class A
1 is class B
2 is class C
Spoiler funtion type
0 = disabled 1 = enabled
but I tested not work for NFS3. Someone said it works with NFS4
in NFS4 create a part named “:OS” when hit spoiler activation speed the :OS part will rotate 30 degree.
Top speed / Maxium volocity
It can affect your acceleration I don’t know the math behind. In Meter per second. Do you convert
3.6 KPH = 3.6/3.6 = 1 m/s
Just input the cars top speed from a source like                           
Subdivide Level
Unknow keep it as 3
Antilock brakes
The car have ABS or not
The car’s Mass + a or 2 human’s weight
I usually Car mass + 70kg
The more of the mass the slow of accleratioin but can hit other’s harder
Good for police to have a bit higher mass.
Road bumpiness factor
Most effect in car cockpit view. When you on a rough road surface.
For me (I only drive in car view, I perfer a number around 0.75)
2= 200% bump
1 = 100% bump
0.5 = 50% bump
0 = don’t bump
Camera arm
The height of Heli Cam camera
If you are making a sports car lower the value
If you are making a big bus higher the value
Normally for sports cars it’s 0.25
Pitch to roll factor
When car accelerating noise rise and tail fall down
When the car is braking the noise fall down and tall rise
When the car turn right left side pitch down and right side lift up. Etc
Greater the value greater the pich.
Power steering
The car have power steering or not
Opponents (AI Acceleration table)
AI use different phycial model for running. You should finish human part before touch AI part.
The table have 8 parts, each part have 14 dots. Echo dot repersent a speed in m/s. the value of the dot is the acceleration of that speed.
The 1[sup]st[/sup] dot is the acceleration of speed 0 m/s if the value is 0 mean the AI car can’t move by itself
 the last non-zero dot is the top speed of an AI can reach.
Here is what I do with this table
After you finished human part
Record a video on a MOD track (straight for speeding test) then playback the video frame by frame
Find time for 1m/s aka 3.6 KPH, 2m/s 3m/s…. and fill an excel sheet
1 m/s (speed between 2 dots) / (Time(2m/s) – time(1m/s) ) = acceleration for the dot.
Human Part (Gearing and Engne)
Number of gears
Forward gear + 2 max is 8 (9 will not work correctly)
Final gear
No effect in game (fill the real number from your source)
Velocity to RPM
The Gear Ratio in game, determine the top speed of each gear.
[li]Find your top speed for each gear, for example 1[sup]st[/sup] gear 114KPH = 114/3.6 = 31.666666 m/s[/li]
[li]Find your max RPM for your car, for example 7500 RPM[/li]
[li]Velocity to RPM = 7500 / 31.66666 = 236.842[/li]
[li]High value is low top speed but high accerlation low value is low accerlation but high top speed[/li]
[li]Reverse gear have negative value.[/li]
Gear Ratios
No effect in game (fill real number from your car data source)
Gear efficiency
The power loss or gain on each gear.
I don’t understand the math behind
The Biger the value the greater acceleration.
Here is what I do about this
set to 1 for all first (except for neutral)
record a video and test on a straight track.
Play the video frame by frame
Found out some key point of each gear for example 1[sup]st[/sup] you can reach 114 KPH so you make your key point to 80KPH
And compare with the data source how much time for the real car to reach 80KPH. Compare with your result.
If time is less, lower you Gear efficiency if the time is more than source raise the gear efficiency. Until you get a close time for that key point.
Shift delay
Time to shift to next gear (during this time, no acceleration), usually F1 style gear shift is faster. Normal one is slow.
Minimum RPM
RPM number of an idle engine (when you didn’t apply any gas)
Redline RPM
Maximum RPM, put gear to neutral the Maximun RPM you can get when apply full gas.
But you can exceed this value by down shift from hgih gear.
Front drive ratio
I don’t understand the meaning of this but this have effect in game.
This value only affect when your burning out. (you are in neutral with HIGH RPM but 0 speed, switch to 1[sup]st[/sup] gear with a high RPM you hear Joooooooo sound your tire is spining faster than your current speed.
This value determine the ability to turn when in such state.
0 is the ability to turn is not effected
0.5 lost half of the ablity to turn
1 is you can’t turn in such state.
2 is you may turn to opposite direction in such state.
Shift Blip in RPM
Don’t understand
Brake Blip in RPM
Don’t understand
Torque Curve
41 points of the torque in nM
Find your cars torque curve graph and pilot it back to data by using some tool
0 is the IDEL RPM 41 is the red line RPM.
This effect acceleration for each gear and each RPM value.
G Transfer factor
Quite hard to find source
Someone says this is also called roadholding but I can’t find any source for a car’s data
I don’t understand this term but this parameter does affect something in the game
a value like 0.1 will make car more easy to turn when you press full throttle but in the same time. you car will accelerate less or even deaccelerate.
a value like 1 will make a car more hard to turn when you press full throottle but the car still accelerate when full turn.
Great affect car handling.
Front Brake Bias Ratio
I don’t understand but
a number like 1 make you more easy to turn when breaking
a number like 0.1 make you more hard to turn when breaking.
From Justin Martin a.k.a. IH8COPS
“This is the percentage of braking that the front brakes provide. In most
modern cars with four wheel disc brakes, the front/rear bias ratio will be close to 50%, meaning both
front and rear brakes are contributing a equal amount of braking power. In cars with rear drums, or
with a lot of weight over the front wheels, the ratio may be around 60% forward. In trucks, which
have little weight on the back end when unloaded, the front brakes provide most of the braking,
probably 75%.
The number in the text field is a decimal, 0.5 would be a 50% forward bias, and 0.65 would be a 65%
forward bias.”
Gas Off Factor
From Justin Martin a.k.a. IH8COPS
“This is how quickly the car decelerates when you lift off the gas. A higher number
means the car decelerates faster, setting this to 0 would produce no deceleration when you lift. How
much a car decelerates is a combination of many factors, weight and drag coefficient mainly, EA may
have used a formula to get a accurate number, but in my opinion, it's inconsequential enough that
just guessing is realistic enough.
Here's a basic chart of approximate Gas off factors using weight and drag coefficient (a.k.a. CD)
0.10 - Ultra aerodynamic speed record cars
0.20 - Very light and aerodynamic cars, like the Lotus Eleven, Lotus Elite and GM EV1
0.30 - Most less than 0.30cd medium weight cars (i.e. Lexus LS430) and 0.30cd to 0.45cd
lightweight cars (i.e. BMW Z3, Mazda Miata)
0.35 - 0.30cd to 0.40cd medium weight cars (i.e. Honda Accord, Pontiac Firebird)
0.40 - 0.30cd to 0.40cd heavy weight cars (i.e. Lincoln Town Car)
0.50 - 0.40cd to 0.50cd medium weight cars
0.55 - 0.40cd to 0.50cd heavy weight cars”
Maximum Braking Deceleration
Easy the braking power
Tire Specs Front
No effect
First number is width, the second is width/height ratio and the third is diameter
Tires Specs Rear
No effect
Lateral acceleration grip muliplier
I don’t understand about this (I mean real car)
But this value will affect car’s handling (in game)
Less value make a car feel heavy when you turn right it takes some time for the car to react.
Greater value make a car feel light when you turn right it takes less time for the car to react, turn to right immediately.
Aerodynamic Downforce Multiplier
I don’t understand the math behind
But this affect car’s turn and speed at the sametime.
Great value will give you better handling and acceleration at higher speed
Not fully agree on Justin Martin.
From Justin Martin a.k.a. IH8COPS
“This is the amount of downforce the car produces. The effect
of this is usually only seen on tracks with sudden, sharp rises, where cars with low downforce will get
This setting does effect handling, but for all but the most extreme settings, the difference is hardly
noticeable. I'd recommend trying this set at 0.05 to 0.1 just so you'll see how it affects handling,
however, that setting would be way beyond realism for even a grand prix car. The larger the number,
the more downforce the car has.
Here's a approximate guide to go by
0.000500 - Low Downforce Vehicles (i.e. trucks, suv, some cars like Lotus 7, Morgan)
0.001000 - Typical modern car (i.e. Honda Accord)
0.001500 - Sports cars (i.e. Corvette)
0.002000 - Supercars (i.e. Ferrari 550)
0.002500 - Race cars (i.e. Mercedes CLK-GTR)
0.003000 - Grand Prix cars (i.e. Formula 1, CART)”
Front Grip Bias
Doesn’t understand
0.1 very hard to turn
5 crazy likey to turn
From Justin Martin a.k.a. IH8COPS
“Seems to be weight distribution, though it is set a bit more rearward than the car's
real weight distribution. For example, the Camaro's FGB is 0.53, the real weight distribution is
In general, EA seems to set the FGB about 3% more rearward than the real weight distribution, so
that's what I’d recommend using.
Wheelbase - A car's wheelbase is the length from the center of the front wheel to the center of the
back wheel. This is common information, printed in almost all magazine road tests, on manufacturers
webpages, and in owner's manuals. If all else fails, get out the freakin' tape measure and measure
the wheelbase you. Unfortunently, this does not seem to make any difference on performance, even
when set unrealistically long or short. But set it to the correct setting anyway.
Note that the wheelbase is measured in Meters.”
Min. Steering Acceleration
I believe this is the turning velocity
set this to 0 car will not turn
set this to 100 car will trun like crazy, the car will acceleration even throttle is not applied when set to 100.
I believe it's the x axis speed when turning (forward accelration is y axis)
I don’t agree on Justin Martin about this.
From Justin Martin a.k.a. IH8COPS
“Like the Lateral
Acceleration Grip, this seems to have a effect on
nimbleness. It does not seem have to affect grip. In
general, I’d keep this between 14 and 16, and use the
Lateral Acceleration Grip to adjust the nimbleness of the
However, if you think your car has too much grip, you can try
reducing the Lateral Acceleration Grip and increasing the
Min. Steering. This will slightly reduce the grip, but
without causing the slow, heavy steering associated with
low Lateral Acceleration Grip settings.”
Turning Circle Radius
Only for low speed U turn.
Smaller value make small turning circle.
Near 0 is you can turn without moving forward.
Turn In Ramp
How fast the steering wheel in game will follow your real steering wheel or joytick when turn left or right
Turn out Ramp
How fast the steering wheel in game will back to center.
The rest
No effect
Change AI turning performance?
I don’t know how to change AI turning setting. Looks like all turning is only for human
You need photoshop skills to do this
Google or youtube “photoshop alpha channel tga” to learn how to make a tga file with alpha channel
You need the same knowleg to make the texture.
Use NFS Wizard to edit the DASH.QFS
You can switch view mode to check your Alpha Channel is working or not
You can use the manual to easily set up the dial needle.
[li]Right click the scale or number part and set as dial needle’s color by
[li]Use same tech to set other parameters[/li]
[li]The other settings
Keep an eye on tachometer full gauge
IF your engine’s redline RPM is 7200 RPM
Put the max point at 7000 on scale and fill tachometer full gauge as 7 is OK
it will exceed 7000 and point to the 7200.[/li]
[li]Do the same for streering wheel.[/li]
Brand LOGO
[li]Let’s use an example of Diablo SV (4 lettle code is DIAB)
HDIAB.QFS is for History showcase
SHDIAB.QFS is for showcase
IN_DIAB.FSH is for inside 3D View
SLDIABXX.QFS is for slideshow pictures[/li]
[li]Use NFS Wizard or FSHTool to create or modify.[/li]
Loading screen of the car
This only works on a car with a ID is lower than 50
Use NFS Wizard or FSHTool to create or modify
Car_ID must lower than 50
Compare Art
The compare Art is in a single file
It means IF I apply my Cop upgrade Patch.
And I install another mod car with compare art and the compare art didn’t include my Cop upgrade Patch 2.0 cars
All My compare art is gone.
You can’t use NFS Wizard to add compare art by import TGA files since NFS Wizard didn’t support add but only replace. You need to use FCETool
Unpack the original compare art by FCETool
Make your compare art but this time is not TGA with alpha Channel but 2 BMP files
1 is a normal BMP
2 is a Gray scale 8Bit BMP (Alpha info) (convert to gray scale in photoshop then you can save 8bit)
Modify the index file name your new compare art by using your 4 letters code.
Repack the compare art and put back to NFS3\FEDATA\ART\ COMPARE.FSH
May 11, 2017, 2:56 p.m.
I see you're linking to a (Microsoft) Word document that's on your computer.
Unless you're using your pc as a permanent server, complete with static DNS, and any other network intricacies, no-one can access the file.

You might need to adapt resolve of the formatting parts manually (like replacing [ol] lists with actual 1) 2) etc text.

add-on: Also you're using a Windows-based machine, lol.
May 11, 2017, 10:37 p.m.
I wrote this guide on word and also there is a pdf copy
just click the link for that blog 

I'm too lazy to export all image from word to image then upload same where else and link back to this post.
I don't want to that
just click the link for pdf. it's easy for you and me :)
May 15, 2017, 6:12 p.m.
Hey when I got carcad and it dlls it won't start up

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