Nov. 9, 2017, 11:02 a.m.
Cough my HD mods Cough
Nov. 10, 2017, 8:41 a.m.
"High detailed mods without optimization"
how can we know that,exactly?
Nov. 10, 2017, 12:20 p.m.
"High detailed mods without optimization" 
how can we know that,exactly?Hacker'z

Simple :
- Using lower texture size does help. Even more if you use LOD0 elements which tend to have a high polycount
- You can use a single texture for multiple parts , by assing the correct shaders , for example if you have a buper which contains plastic , shiny parts and paint , instead of using different textures for each , you can assign them to the same texture but with a different shader
- The management of the parts , each part known can be used. Even if it's not in the way that everyone expects. xD
- Avoid merging too much parts into once. If you want to add details , you can do it on parts which has less polygons.
- The polycount limit is about 25000 triangles for each part , because of EAGL.

I'm not a master but these are the most common things that I do. And also testing , testing everytime to be accurate. 
If you saw a bug appearing suddenly, you'll be able to figure out the culprit and fix it asap. :)

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