April 14, 2017, 8:15 a.m.
Same here MNaeemi777. If it's REALLY possible to add/alter or increase the map size, I would definitely go for it:-
I would love to add a new city in NFSUG2 and probably make a connection to the cities with a new secret highway. For this, I would likely use the sealed city exit gate at the top of Jackson Heights (below the large control tower if anyone recalls, there's a closed gateway). Now, I know the gate there might just be placed for eye candy but if you look closely through the hood cam, you can actually see a curving road leading somewhere down and disappearing behind the control tower's base.
Even in the super far drift cam while doing a downhill drift, if you park right next to the edge, you can see an entirely new city down below North-East off of Bayview with bright city lights and airplanes flying about. Once again, you guys will say that it might just be there to fill in the atmosphere, but just imagine if we could make this happen; a whole NEW city other than the small suburbs of Bayview that you could access… how cool would that be? :D
I remember from one of iamthemostwanted2012's theory posts that the original map of Bayview was supposed to be much MUCH larger than what it is in the final; with all the sealed off tunnels open and usable, the stadium previously open and a place to drive in, and also a possible secret highway which led to a more larger and vaster part of Bayview that never made it to the final game unfortunately. He also said that many of the inaccessible areas as seen in the Street X events and the Park-ade drift track were possibly from the unknown scrapped part of Bayview as you can notice many of the building structures and streets are not from present-day Bayview at all. Even the backing of the map shown when you engage the race(s) is different.
Another interesting and rather cool element from Need for Speed Underground 2 BETA that I found in one of GrandTheftAero and Speedyheart's videos, was that each new city location in Bayview had its own  ambient environmental color as follows;
[li]City Center:-Cyan [/li]
[li]Beacon Hill:-Green[/li]
[li]Coal Harbor (East and West both):-Bronze[/li]
[li]Jackson Heights:-Blue[/li]
Now I don't know if this really IS possible to add back or not, but it looked rather good and very nice with the overall atmosphere of UG2. Why the devs decided to remove this is still unknown :/


If anyone here knows how to edit textures of Need for Speed Underground 2, can they please teach me how, or please send a tutorial to show how.  
April 14, 2017, 1:51 p.m.
Most of these are done because of budget cuts or just a lack of time in development. They just wont have time to release the game playable. A bigger area means more changes for bugs, crashes and problems. Also if a playing area is too big it can get overwhelming or stale. Also there might ave been issues regarding performance and stuff as more stuff to render. There are many reasons why things get cut from games. Nowadays its more of a make a full game and cut in not so essential parts and sell them as DLC. And the ambient effects again must have been a performance related cut. But adding to maps of already existing games which arent as open like for example GTA can be challenging and that is why you can only see it in old NFS games. We as a community have no users to do such big task or have the resources to do so. Hopefully it will be done one day :D And then you can add police to UG2 and whatnot xD
April 16, 2017, 6:27 a.m.
Well, at least it's still possible to edit the game city textures right? Like the roads, sky, smoke, flames, license plates, billboards and every little detail down to the building structures right? Like I said, I just simply want to learn how to become a texture modder at the moment before I move onto cars.
If anyone here is a texture modder, or knows how to and where I might learn from, I'd very much appreciate the help. I want to COMPLETELY change the whole city according to how I want it to be exactly and know every frickin' thing there is to know about how to texture mod.
I already figured out how to change the car engine sound according to my wish, so this is just another big obstacle I need to cross before I officially create my very own dream cars with every single part customizable.
April 16, 2017, 9:15 a.m.
You need a tool like NFS-TexEd. You can get it here:

You can use that to open files that contain the game's textures. In the game's folder called TRACKS you'll find files like STREAML4… and some letter at the end. The one that ends with A has the main city textures (used for most races and for free roam). The other ones have the drag race map textures (I think), the URL track, the stadium track, the airport.
The skies are in the file: LOC4DYNTEX
Stuff like the license plate, etc. are in GLOBAL/globalb.lzc I think.
Don't forget to run TexEd as administrator. You can use it to export textures and re-import them after editing.

Now for editing, first you need a way to open the textures as they are in DDS formats. I think there's a photoshop plugin thing that lets you do it. Otherwise I use a program called DXTbmp. It lets you save them as BMP or TGA and then you can use your favorite graphics editor to edit them, then use DXTbmp again to save them as a DDS again.

There's different types of DDS formats, the game uses mostly dds 1 and dds 3. The "1" is for images with no transparency (for example a wall) and the "3" is for the ones that have transparency like smoke. Transparency is achieved by having a "alpha" image which is a black and white image that comes with the main image in the texture. The black parts are the most transparent ones.

After you saved as DDS in the same format as the texture you extracted you can re-import it to the game's texture file it was in using NFS Tex Ed again and save.

You will notice tha the textures get a bit grainy and blurry after saving but that's normal I guess.

Notice that some texture mods have huge textures, this is because they use something else called Tex Mod. This is a program that loads textures externally, not by editing the game's files. When you edit the game's files you can only stay in their original size. Except for the case of LOC4DYNTEX (the one with the skies) because there's a method to get bigger textures there using the NFS U2 Mod Tools (extract every single file in it, then make the ones you want to be bigger, make sure the file names are correct, then create a whole new LOC4DYNTEX file instead of editing the original using the texture generator thing for cars that comes with the mod tools).
April 17, 2017, 3:11 a.m.
Thanks bud :D this should work right here. 
Do I also need to have Adobe Photoshop for it as well?
April 17, 2017, 7:49 a.m.
Not necessarily. If you want to use another program to edit the images you can, use whatever you find more confortable. There are some free ones like GIMP.
I personally use the "sprite editor" that comes with Game Maker because it's good enough for this stuff, but that software is actually for making games so maybe it's too much if you get it just for the graphics editor.
And here's DXTBmp that you will have to use to turn the DDS textures into TGA or BMP to edit them and back again into DDS (unless GIMP or whatever you use already lets you edit DDS textures, I don't know).
April 20, 2017, 12:07 p.m.
You the boss bro :)

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