NFS3 Accel Tables

Oct. 30, 2017, 11:19 a.m.
Hi. After some time tinkering with nfs3 I found out that the AI's speed seems to be independent of the cars actual performance, and is based on accel tables. I know that there is a mod making ai opponents faster, but I wanted to have class A with actual race cars like the XJR-15, clk-gtr, and a couple of custom cars and I discovered that even though I downloaded the mod I still get like 30s lead on 4 laps. Sience the cars are edited I think I need to create a custom accel table for them too?
I found an online tutorial for creating nfs3 cars but the only thing written there was this: 
AI use different phycial model for running. You should finish human part before touch AI part.
The table have 8 parts, each part have 14 dots. Echo dot repersent a speed in m/s. the value of the dot is the acceleration of that speed.
The 1[sup]st[/sup] dot is the acceleration of speed 0 m/s if the value is 0 mean the AI car can’t move by itself
 the last non-zero dot is the top speed of an AI can reach. 
Here is what I do with this table
After you finished human part
Record a video on a MOD track (straight for speeding test) then playback the video frame by frame
Find time for 1m/s aka 3.6 KPH, 2m/s 3m/s…. and fill an excel sheet
1 m/s (speed between 2 dots) / (Time(2m/s) – time(1m/s) ) = acceleration for the dot.
Which literally doesn't explain s**t. There is 8 parts of this table, after reading the tutorial I have no idea what any of them do, I can kinda guess that some are accelerations from 0, some are breaking, or it's a complete speed sheet for different parts of tracks. 
I tried just putting one car in excel and simply multiplying the thing by 1.2, but while i noticed some speed variation somewhere it didn't change the outcome of 30s lead. I would appreciate if someone would explain to me how to do it.
Edit: I'm not really interested in realism of the thing if they approximately mimick top speed etc of the car then it's fine. It'm interested in competition.
Nov. 7, 2017, 11:35 a.m.
I attach a proper carp.txt tutorial (credits to Justin Martin a.k.a. IH8COPS) which explains the real stuff about acceleration tables. Although, that could be improved with some recreations like youtube drags videos, or game videos like Forza drags or GT test course. With that info and an online acceleration calculator you can get an accurate acceleration table. But be aware that:
- Most of downloaded cars has original car acceleration tables that maybe don't suit the car, most of the times the mod car is better than the original one who has the table, like a Bugatti mod with a Schigera table will never get 400 km/h. This contributes to your 30s lead.
- AI cornering sucks, even with an accurate acceleration table you'll get faster than them out of turns. That contributes to your 30s difference. I suggest after building the table to raise their values a bit.
- If you use mod tracks you have to know that AI still believes that is an original track, so if the mod track has straightened an original track turn, AI will brake and go slow anyways, which contributes to your 30s gap.

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