NFSCars Music Playing Contest

Nov. 9, 2010, 2:55 a.m.
I've held this type contest on another site, its goes well but there are only 2 entrants, and I thought since there are quite a lot of people playing musical instruments why not hold a music performing/playing contest. Any Instrument as long as it can play definite pitch in anyway, some points in the rules:

  • Winner Chooses next song/piece to play
  • Winner Provides next piece in PDF or a similiar format that can be printer easily
  • There is about 3-4 before the deadline to submit so people can learn the song
  • The videos get sent(zipped) to me and i upload them to youtube and post the voting
  • There is a difference compared to other contests, you know the entrant, as in each entry is not numbered they are named.
  • Minimum 2 entrants,
there are a couple of other misc rules but if you agree this is a nice idea to the site, i'll share other rules,
oh, i think there could/should be a contest forum for all these contests, and etc…
EDIT: There also could be an NFSCars youtube channel for such stuff

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