Problem with importing vinyls with NFS-TexEd

Feb. 12, 2018, 3:22 p.m.
For vinyl modders, who asking me for fixing files and why NFS-TexEd can't import files. That's not too hard, it just takes a minute:

1-Download DDS plugin for your Photoshop. (Should work on any versions)
2-Open textures and save them as DDS and replace with former ones.
3-After saving, a window will appear: Set the save format as P8 Palette (256 Colors), then use "generate mip-maps" and set the number to 9.
4-Now importing vinyls with NFS-TexEd should work.

P.S. Now we have solution topic for this issue. Don't send your files to my E-Mail, I won't help you anymore.

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