*READ* Rules for Posting In this section.

Nov. 30, 2007, 8:01 a.m.
Welcome to the Shared Tuning Section of NFSCars.

First I would like to be sure you all understand how this will work.

1. Every car has only ONE Thread. If there is already 1 thread for a car (ie Charger R/T) you will post your tuning in that thread, do not create a new one, as it will be removed without prejudice.
2. When posting your setups, use the +/- system using 0 as Center.
3. Include stage # part, brand name used, and Horsepower the Resulting tuning gives.
4. Other information may be included with discretion.
5. Have Fun with this, but be mature with your posts.

make them in the Tuning Questions Thread (yet to be made).

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