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Jan. 29, 2018, 1 p.m.
Since the other forum turned out to be bugged , there goes a new one.
Still there are rules and status.

Here goes the changes : 
- Approved requests will now be displayed like this " ✔ - Locked " , which means that request is complete, and therefore the topic is closed. 
- Pending Requests will now be displayed like this " ✳ " , which means that the topic is still opened and the request haven't been completed yet.
- Non-approved requests will be displayed like this " X " , which means that the request hasn't been accepted. 

After a certain period of time, the topic will be locked. If the author wants to open the desired topic, he must ask to a Staff member to know if it's gonna be useful or not.

The threads will be now moved to the correct sections depending of their status.

Here are the rules (updated as of May 9 ,2018) :

- Maximum of ONE request per day.
- Requests should be done ONLY in the Forum Requests.
- Indicate which car(s) you want. (multiple cars in one thread allowed.)
- Precise for which games you want the request to be done.
- Precise the replacement (in case you want that a certain car needs to be replaced )
- Mention if you have any special ideas or suggestions.


ATTENTION : Keep in mind that the modders that are willing to accept your requests ARE NOT machines. 
They also have their works and they're not forced to execute your request in due time. 

On top of that , the requests like " make it the same as my daily driver " are completely stupid if you don't provide the modders the materials (photos in most cases) of what you're requesting for.


However, doing those things may get you a deletion of your request as well as a ban if there is any recidive :

- Making multiple threads about different cars for the same game. No need to make a bunch of requests when one suffice.

- DO NOT make a request in another section other than the forums section. 
Request will be automatically deleted and the member who did it may see his account suspended for a short/long amount of time.

- Spamming of a request (obviously you'll get a permanent ban).

- Harassing the modder who accepted the request.

- Not precise request ( eg. "I want to see this car for NFS xxxx" , or " new idea car mod " )

- Stealing or reposting a request already made by someone else 
(if you want a car that has been quoted in the request, just say it in the desired topic)

- Useless requests (asking for a car when the mod is already out for the games asked).

NFSCars Staff - Ti-Sonic

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