Stolen Cars - FALSE ALARMS

Dec. 22, 2003, 9:51 a.m.
Gentlemen, in light of the recent "craze" to report stolen cars, I have received numerous e-mails, PM's and messeges from enthusiastic and overzealous members wishing to do their part.

Unfortunately over 95%, if not MORE, of than the cars I am asked to investigate are NOT stolen. Some of these "tips" that I recieve are often unfounded and many times the submitted cars credits are either found on the car's presentation(download) page or in their "Readme" file which often can be found within the car's folder after download.

To say that a person should be "banned" from the site for car theft is not an action that is taken lightly and therefore, to accuse someone of actual car theft also requires more than a slight suspicion. Facts and irrefutable proof of both the suspected car(s) and it's original author are required. Many cars are often submitted using the STOCK EA NFS3/4/5/6 Car files/Meshes- this is NOT car theft. However, using a stock mesh/file which was modfied and submitted by someone else, without authorization, IS !

I am often sent lists of cars to check. Investigating a car can often be as simple as cross-referencig the meshes…or as difficult as tracking the orignal author through various sites and waiting for e-mail replies which corroborate or conclude if a theft was actually committed- needless to say, this requires a LOT of work !

Therefore, I ask that you use "Please Report Stolen Cars Here" thread
to place your suspicions and reports…this way, I can get to each report as time allows and possibly, another member who sees the report, might be able to offer other input in regard to the matter.

At the moment, it is difficult to immediately attend every report as my responsibilities are not limited to car theft reports. As a site Administrator and Board Moderator, I am also responsible for maintaining civility within the forums, revising any situation where rules may have been broken and reviewing the car comments section, just to name a few.

Therfore, I encourage everyone to report any infraction of the rules, whether it be a foul comment, warez, or any inappropriate behavior on the site. Any of these actions can be reported immediately to ANY of the our board Moderators or Administrators- It would also be nice if you informed yourselves of who they are and always offer the respect that their positions are due.

ALL suggestions are welcomed as long as the comments are actually directed to the topic spoken of here. Thank you. Respectfully,
Viper Jay 5,
NFS Cars Site Administrator

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