The flying car! I believe i can fly! i believe i can touch the sky!!!

July 29, 2010, 11:31 p.m.
here it is! the flying car for nfs pro street! read it. it's real :wings:
ive done it several times!!!:D:D:D

I've been playing nfs ps for abt a year now maybe and i just saw it at its full pottential!

it's the cadillac cts -v

follow my instructions and you can have the flying car:

first of all, all upgrades are level 4.
tune your car with these settings:


Front compression rate/ rebound rate/ spring rate/ roll bar stiffness –> adjust it to far LEFT (stiff, +10)
rear compression rate/ rebound rate/ spring rate/ roll bar stiffness –> adjust it to far RIGHT (soft, -10)
ride height: -4 (4 clicks to the left)
front tire pressure: +6 (6 clicks to the right)
rear tire pressure: +10
toe: -10
camber: +10
caster: -10
(there's no need to tune the response ratio coz u don't need it)


cam timing: +4
start boost +8
end boost +10
nitrous pressure +5
nitrous jetting flow rate: -7


1st gear: -7
2nd gear: -6
3rd gear: -5
4th gear: -4
5th gear: -1
6th gear: +2
final drive: +5


what the heck do you need brakes in a drag race for???????? :\:\:\

and now maybe the most important part of the setup i believe:

Body kit: choose the stock autoscalpt body kit but don't tune anything on it.
it will be the same with the stock bodykit but it will give you some "aero" boost


Roof scoop: NOTHING!

SPOILER (important!!!):
buy and install the "gentera style 302" spoiler !ONLY!*
and tune all the autoscalpt settings at 100% (it should be the biggest spoiler possible and quite high above the car) you will see the drag meter falling and the downforce meter rising but don't worry ;)
if you've got a keen eye and are experienced a bit with car aerodynamics and physics, you will understand why the spoiler is so important especially with this car that has a big rear end

*actually u can use the "gentera style 304" spoiler too but i reccomend the "302"

I reccomend that you test it on a 1/2 mile drag where there is more road ahead
when the drag starts after heating your tires, when waiting for the the girl to lower her hands, or the green light, press full throttle. exactly the moment that you see the girl to start moving her hands (or the moment that the last yellow light is lit before the green) release the throttle, wait for the rpm to go in the perfect launch zone, then hit he first gear and quickly prees throttle again. sounds slow huh? –> this prosedure must be done in a 0.3-0.5 second time ;) you need some practice be4 mastering it…

if everything went ok you will have a perfect launch and your cadillac will start with a wheelie.

now the fun begins :D

at about the 3rd gear you will see that your car is only running on 1 WEEL!!! 8)8)8)
and a few moments after your car will rise in the air a bit 8):o8):o8):o

it's true! i've done it several times. in fact i can't complete a 1/2 mile drag with this car coz when it takes off, it starts shaking, falls down again, rolls around and totals me XD XD XD

post here if you've done it!

(sorry if my english are bad but i'm not an eanglish speaker…)
July 30, 2010, 2:30 a.m.
oh! just remembered! with the above tunings not all cars can take off but i've used these tunings on ALL REAR WHEEL DRIVE cars and made a wheelie with EVERY SINGLE RWD CAR apart from 240sx (come on, what kind of alien would use a 240sx to make a wheelie anyway??? :))
Aug. 21, 2010, 10:20 a.m.
show us a screenshot
Aug. 21, 2010, 11:36 a.m.
Just tell me something, who even cares about it?
Aug. 21, 2010, 1:39 p.m.
ive actually done this but in the dodge viper, cant complete a drag unless i feather the throttle in 3rd gear else the car will just take off and flip over

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