July 28, 2017, 1:50 a.m.
Straight outta Unleashed.

98259d568050123.jpg 4c7515568050163.jpg 664b42568050213.jpg f96fa9568050373.jpg e02311568050513.jpg afcc4b568050553.jpg 02987c568050643.jpg b6d832568050753.jpg 3c795d568050873.jpg dffb52568050993.jpg c4a7e4568051073.jpg cff4b6568051173.jpg de24c2568051203.jpg 46788d568051243.jpg 21c78e568051303.jpg b3d204568051383.jpg 08a78c568051503.jpg bfc8a8568051713.jpg e4370d568051763.jpg cfcef8568051803.jpg 583880568052003.jpg 594d35568052213.jpg 174a89568052433.jpg 10f998568052643.jpg dee02e568052743.jpg 3df76c568052773.jpg 33a083568052803.jpg de2ceb568052833.jpg c7fce8568052863.jpg
July 30, 2017, 10:28 p.m.
You wanted it , there you go , the latest version of the Golf GTI W12 !
This version is the last update I'll do to it , and I managed to solve many bugs in it.

1ae4fc569415753.jpg 563174569415783.jpg c65153569415793.jpg 28330c569415843.jpg c32da8569415863.jpg cf4ad2569415873.jpg cfeca0569415883.jpg 386025569415983.jpg 1d8abe569416143.jpg 4d2e1d569416333.jpg 0db0f9569416603.jpg f809e6569417133.jpg 71699e569417513.jpg fe778e569417823.jpg cee09a569418003.jpg 1335e6569418283.jpg 329e7f569418603.jpg d07ba4569418883.jpg

- Sound fixed ( no more bugged sound )
- Improved custom performance
- Improved wheel positions
- New shaders and textures
- Driver from NFSC
- Interior from Carbon
- Headlights and brakelights from NFS Carbon
- LOD_B added
- Autosculpt fix ( the skirts aren't there but there will be no crash if you chose this section )
- Improved model
- New UV-Mapping

Also : NFS GlobalEd has been ditched since Vlt-Ed takes priority on any other editing data software , further more it allows me to add I want more easily.

Download Links

NFSCars : http://www.nfscars.net/need-for-speed-carbon/8/files/view/14836/

DrivingPassion : http://drivingpassion.net/site/index.php?page=downloads&type;=entry&id;=need-for-speed-series%2F2006-need-for-speed%2Fcars%2Fvolkswagen%2Fvolkswagen-golf-gti-w12
Aug. 15, 2017, 12:15 a.m.
The link for donwloading the Huayra from NFSCars has been updated , you can download it ! :D
Aug. 15, 2017, 11:43 p.m.

54ab9b579011073.jpg a578a7579011253.jpg b00ce1579011353.jpg cd0ba2579011433.jpg 0eefdf579011653.jpg efd47b579011753.jpg a200c3579011843.jpg fb00eb579011903.jpg bd534b579012123.jpg 85e09b579012463.jpg 85e09b579012723.jpg ea8833579012843.jpg 6eade6579012903.jpg 248c81579012983.jpg 2695da579013303.jpg e09fab579013343.jpg c5153f579013393.jpg 7aef0e579013483.jpg 27cb59579013513.jpg 6ae4bd579013533.jpg e175fc579013623.jpg 66f59d579013863.jpg e74735579014153.jpg 6221df579014403.jpg 72c311579014433.jpg c8f401579014463.jpg

Replaces the IS350.

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