Vehicle conversion request: Asphalt 8 to MW/Carbon

March 20, 2018, 10:13 p.m.
I have seen some modders here who have converted several cars from Asphalt 8 to Most Wanted and/or Carbon and thus I'd like to see more Asphalt 8 vehicles in MW and/or Carbon. 

Here is a list of some cars that I would like to see as mods for MW and/or Carbon, all from Asphalt 8.

1. HTT Plethore LC 750 (class S car), replaces either Corvette C6 or Viper.
2. Arash AF10 (class S car), replaces either SLR McLaren or Porsche Carrera GT.
3. Mosler Super GT (class S car), replaces Porsche Carrera GT.
4. SIN R1 (class A car), replaces either Elise or Murcielago.
5. Peugeot Onyx (class S car), replaces whatever modder(s) think is suitable.
6. Arrinera Hussarya GT (class S car), replaces whatever modder(s) think is suitable.
7. McLaren MP4/8 (class B Formula One car), replaces Porsche 911 GT2.
8. McLaren MP4-31 (class S Formula One car), replaces Corvette C6R.
9. Kepler Motion (class B car), replaces either Elise, Gallardo, or Cayman.
10. Jaguar XJ220S (class A car), replaces either Aston DB9 or Audi A4.

Note that I don't expect all these vehicles to be converted all at once some time in near future, because I know converting cars is difficult, and that a lot of modders here are busy with other people's request too. It is up to each modder to choose one or a few of these cars to be converted. 

Features like vinyls, custom body kits, spoilers, hoods, and roof scoops are optional. Basic features like car paint, rims, window tint, custom gauge, etc are mandatory (in case of Formula One cars like the MP4/8 or MP4-31, car paint is optional). 

Performance stats are up to modders to decide, I can still modify them for my personal use if the performance isn't enough.

That does it for my request. I highly apologize if it is too much, but I have stated that I don't expect all of these cars to be converted all at once. 

Thanks for reading.

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