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May 25, 2010

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For Toyota Supra

-----Fast Facts-----
What: Super Mario Sunshine vinyl
For: Toyota Supra
By Who: MasterAssassin713
For What Game: Need for Speed: Most Wanted
Released Where: Exclusively at NFSCars
Why: Super Mario Sunshine is one of my favorite games
and I wanted to make a vinyl for it.
How I Made It: BinTex v0.5
GIMP v2.6.6
Microsoft Office Picture Manager

If you haven't already, dowload WinRAR from here:

If you haven't already, download BinTex v0.5 from here:

1) Open the folder where this file is located and make sure
that you have all of the following files:
I Command You to Readme.txt

2) Open up BinTex. Click File > Open. Navigate to the following
folder: C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Need for Speed Most Wanted\CARS\SUPRA
Select VINYLS.BIN and click Open.

3) Locate the texture SUPRA_UNIQUE01 (Texture #203). Highlight it and go to Texture > Import.
Navigate to the folder where this file is located and click on and click Open.

4) Now that you've imported the file, go to (make sure that SUPRA_UNIQUE01 is still
highlighted before doing this) Tools > Fix Pallette. This will fix the vinyl's color
pallette which gets messed up upon importing. Then go to File > Save or hit CTRL+S. (This is
just a precaution in case BinTex crashes, and it does from time to time)
NOTE: If you skip this step, the vinyl won't display in-game properly.

5)Locate the texture SUPRA_UNIQUE01_MASK (Texture #158) and highlight it. Go to
Texture > Import and select and click Open. Save your

5) Open up NFS:MW. Select Toyota Supra and go to Visual > Vinyls > Unique.
Select Unique 1. The Super Mario Sunshine vinyl should be visible in place of the dragon.

6) Enjoy terrorizing Rockport (Or Isle Delfino :P) in your new custom Supra.

None that I know of.

----------CREDITS AND THANKS----------
EA Black Box for the game,
Arushan for BinTex and cracking MW for mods,
Nintendo for Super Mario Sunshine,

My friends for support,
All of the WIP Watchers,
And anyone else I've forgotten...

You may upload this mod onto other NFS sites provided that ALL of these conditions are met:
A) The original Readme and screenshots are intacted,
B) I remain the original author,
C) You contact me first via PM or e-mail. My address is
You may convert this vinyl to other games provided that the aforementioned conditions are met.

-----USE OF E-MAIL-----
Only contact my e-mail address with bug reports and/or conversion/distribution permissions.
Any person who sends me a request or any kind of spamming will be ignored. I don't like
junk mail or mystery meat.

Requiescat in pace.



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about 6 years ago.

^That's because scaling images does that. Also DDS textures require an indexed color profile, which supports a max of 256 colors, and when the average image uses way more than that, distortion is a given. Sorry, but I really can't do much about it unless I find smaller images, but typically smaller images are harder to edit.

about 6 years ago.

low quality

about 6 years ago.


about 6 years ago.

This site really need a proper vinyl section download.But funny vinyl anyways.

about 6 years ago.

hahaha honestly, it's even a job well done, but I do not know that such a description as if it was something special .. it is just another of the endless vinyls .. boring.. I am even sick of doing vinyls .. ;p and purpose, sorry but these vinyls are of poor quality in the resolution. ;/

about 6 years ago.

^Sorry, no. I can't make cars for MW yet, and I'm still working on my first project for UG2. :/

@ djoverlay: Yeah I still have Sunshine, and a GameCube to play it on LOL. Really fun game, but I have yet to get to Bowser, I always seemed to get stuck on one mission and just couldn't advance. Most of the time it'd be either the conch shell bonus level in Noki Bay or the Goopy Inferno in Pianta Village. But I still had fun playing it :D

about 6 years ago.

pls can you make this car : toyota corolla 95

about 6 years ago.

I never beat that game..............because my wife traded it in for another game before I, was a fun game though. Not really intuitive or anything, pretty much like Mario64 with a water pack and a few more challenges, but that was about it. ;)

about 6 years ago.

Esa puta mamada ¬¬!...

about 6 years ago.


about 6 years ago.

Vinyl => Tools section


Vinyl => (adms should create a) Vinyls section

about 6 years ago.

Good job. I like this vinyl. Can't wait to see more from you!

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Toyota Supra Super Mario Sunshine vinyl
Toyota Supra Super Mario Sunshine vinyl
Toyota Supra Super Mario Sunshine vinyl
Toyota Supra Super Mario Sunshine vinyl

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