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Aug 1, 2007

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*Minor updates.*

- roof-scoop-position fixed
- tires height expanded

BMW M3 set for NFS:MW

This mod is created for Need For Speed Most Wanted and it replaces BMW M3 GTR. Car itself is created by Electronic Arts. This mod can be shared via internet as long as Electronic Arts stays as the only author and the files remain untouched.

1. Installation

If you don't have NFS:MW Mod Loader yet go and download it from here:

Copy (Click + CTRL + C or Right Click + Copy) the folder ADDONS and go to C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Need For Speed Most Wanted\ and paste it (CTRL + V or Right Click + Paste). If your computer asks that should existing files be overwritten click yes.

2. Features

- decals for doors
- decals for windows
- numbers for doors
- spoilers
- roof-scoops
- hoods (including GTR & GTR E46 hoods because there was two hoods missing)
- vinyls
- bodypaint
- window-paint
- correct stats (stock engine is BMW M3 GTR E46 from the beginning and upgraded is from the ending)
- driver added
- cost 60 000
- exchanging interiors with bodykits (M3, GTR, GTR E46, M3, GTR, GTR E46)
- six different bodykits (stock + 5 other ones [M3, GTR, GTR E46, carbonfibre M3, cf GTR, cf GTR E46])

3. FAQ

Q: Why you didn't make the M3-logo as colored?
A: This one was a though one. It kept coming as jigsaw so I decided to make it as white.

Q: How come this mod took you so long?
A: This mod was going to be my first mod but since I had not got enough skills when I was converting this mod I wasn't capable of doing it.

4. Known bugs

- some vinyls appear incorrect (I added debug to the C300 so that you can create your own vinyls)
- carbonfibre-roof on kit03 is a bit too wide compared to the other kits (man this was a hard one, didn't want to do it again)

5. Credits

Electronic Arts - for making the car & MW
Finalmaster2 - converted this car to NFS:MW
HSVrules - beta testing
Arushan - created tools to crack NFS:MW
Oleg - created Zmodeler

And everyone else whom I forgot to mention.

6. Bug reports

For possible bug reports you can send me a private message in (Finalmaster2). I don't have public bug report adress yet so this is for now the only way.


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about 7 months ago.

is there hero vinyl bmw at the start

about 8 months ago.

can this car raplace and mustang and bmw m3 gtr???

about 9 months ago.

Finally, an M3 that I can buy in story mode! too bad the car handles completely different than the original M3

about 2 years ago.

How I Can add Cars,Tool & Etc. ?? ( 0_< )

about 3 years ago.

Get Arushan's mod loader with ferarri then download this and drop the downloaded car into the CAR_REPLACE folder/mw dir/ADDONS that will solve :)

about 3 years ago.

crap. i can's steer with that...

about 3 years ago.

Can you do this BMW for folders "BMWM3" and "BMWM3GTR" to fix textures to PERFECT ? This will be the best car you do ! Thank you !

Giani Georgian
about 3 years ago.

for villain: I have some trouble with the steering. I wan't to increase it's handling but i don't know how to do it. Can u help me???

about 4 years ago.

Cool car.

about 5 years ago.

do u have modloader

about 5 years ago.

i have a problem is the tires are not in the correct spot
why does this car have a problem whith the wheels?

about 5 years ago.

nice car!

Please someone make a mini cooper 1999 you can also tune
Please, please, please

about 5 years ago.

any way to make it perform like that of the bmwgtre46?? cuz with the mustang speed and handeling its crap. good work on the models but i just wish it was faster..

about 5 years ago.

Would be nice to have a further 2 bodykits, one of BMW M3 CSL, and other BMW M3 CSL with carbon roof

about 5 years ago.

BMW M3 2003 BUG

When I put the 3 bodykit and I was run with the car, no had driver inside the car.

about 5 years ago.

It replace mustang gt but who wants to replace a mustang

about 6 years ago.

no man you tricked me. you say this car replaces the BMW M3 and it replaces mustang. what the hell man? the car looks cool but come on, don't trick people away

about 6 years ago.

it replaces mustang not bmw.

about 6 years ago.

sorry i sent it twice. edited the last one to this.

about 6 years ago.

The best BMW on this site! ;)

about 6 years ago.

Wow...Great work man,it's awesome!! One question, does it have the vinyl from the M3 of the start?

about 6 years ago.

suuuuuuuuuper!!!! i really want a bmw m3 fully tunable... good work!!!

about 6 years ago.

My favourite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5/5

about 6 years ago.

Yes it`s a very nice car:D

about 6 years ago.

@ freeman_010

listen , you have to download Mod Loader on this site , i had that problem too.

about 6 years ago.

nice BMW and Gallardo xD

about 6 years ago.

nooooooooooooooooooooooothe modloader wont work eith any other mod than the ferrar
only bugs appear at it
no mods come too

about 7 years ago.

It's awesome but... it needs a 1.2 versions or something cause it's got a few bugs. Like, if you put body kits the wheels are positioned a bit weird... also the Mustang GT is a cool car and it kinda pains me to replace it :( Anyway nice car, fully tunable

about 7 years ago.

this car is hard 2 drive. why it keeps turnin'/curvin' after even wide corner is finished! all cars in NFSMW need no steerin' when the corner is ended but this one, i tried so much with no result. about visuals an' parts, this ride is 4 most of fans. enjoy it!

about 7 years ago.

freeman your problem is you dont have the mod loader installed so you replaced it direcly in to the "cars" folder install mod loader with it you get a ferari 360

about 7 years ago.

he's fucking right!... i mean wtf this is the dream car.. but u can't fu**ingdrive it ..

about 7 years ago.

...2 bad... it's a nice car....

about 7 years ago.

what da f*** is this ????? a car ?? it-s the worst "car" ever "build" they should call it a "train" not a car -it onley drives back and forward ... it steers like it's got no front wheels !!! what is this ??

... the best looking sports car....can't find it in many's like..the "pride" of most wanted (and carbon)...but you can't drive it....evrey other car drives better then thisone...why ??? why cant it drives like the cobalt for example ? ot lexus .. or any other car .. maximum upgrade...and it still drives bad...

what is wrong with ea ? u couden-t even find it in the car lot ..and when u finaly earn the car couden-t drive it ... cause the spike's were all over the street,and now when you can finaly drive it cant .. whats is there point ?? do not drive the car ??

it-s f*****-*p .... my facorite car .... the best streetracing game ... and i rather drive ... the wv....

about 7 years ago.

I like BMW M3 & this is very nice.

about 7 years ago.

The car performance is disappointing, Honda Civic that I have downloaded is much faster than the BMW. :-(

about 7 years ago.

Bugatti EB 16.4 Veyron 2006

about 7 years ago.


I have some problems about this car......

plz help me someone! can not understand what the problem is?

about 7 years ago.

NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been waiting for this ride, too bad the m3 gtr cant be modified

about 7 years ago.

NO, it just add other files
but delete files with same names

Force-Fed R34
about 8 years ago.

Beautiful Automobile.

about 8 years ago.


about 8 years ago.

@Villan - Why don't you try to replace the spoilers with some custom spoilers, because some spoilers spoil the game, and you could replace a spoiler with the E46 GTR spoiler. (unless you've tried it don't bother again to do it)

about 8 years ago.

It replaces the Ford Mustang GT, not the BMW M3 GTR

about 8 years ago.

right...i kno this sounds a lil stupid but hey..... if i overwrite the addons folder will it get rid of the other mods i all ready have on the addons folder????!?!?!?!?! plz tell me

about 8 years ago.

so you mean the 360 contains the mod loader

about 8 years ago.

ok found a few errors when i opened the file it wasn't made for the bmwm3gt file to be replaced it was for the mustanggt file to be replaced so the car when it loads in the game i seen that the wheels where off by a little bit......I have no ideal how to mod i wish i did but im a computer and data tech so this is not my cup of tea but i would one day in my life like to be a game tester, well for now them are the only 2 bugs i found other than that everything works perfect.

about 8 years ago.

you are my best friend now this is my fav car in all need for speed games, to tell the truth in real life bmw is my fav car im trying to save up to buy one now that's how much i like the car i want a m3 series but if i can't get it i'll get something close.......But the game car looks nice great job.

about 8 years ago.

why did you have to replace the mustang??? it just sucks! the punto or clio would have been better candidates

about 8 years ago.

Yeah thats cool, its really awesome how this is the first fully customizable M3 though, and i know how the thing with the weird stuff when trying to mod and do things like this goes if you could find someone who is really good at making vinyls you could fix the boss vinyls at least, but again over all very nice car i thourougly enjoy it

about 8 years ago.

@ reaper314 : There was a lot of issues with this mod. I don't know what was going on, but the Mustang GT was the ONLY car that I could get all materials to show up.

Also, putting M3 GTR E46's spoiler to selectable one is not possible currently. I have tried to import custom-spoilers in game but no success. I think this is because MW uses in game textures and such for spoilers which we can't use.

Same goes for tires.

about 8 years ago.

Very nice car, only two things that could make it better,

1. If there was a way to add the spoiler from the M3GTRE46 as a selectable option that and the rims from the GTRE46, that would be awesome


2.Use a car that isnt used by a blacklist racer, Razor and Jades cars look bad as M'3 Because they are plain, i would think a car like the Vauxhall Monaro VXR mabey, or something like that

over all though the possibility to customize the car is wonderful 10/10 could break the 10 if those things where perfected, lol, nice job man.

about 8 years ago.

You need to have NFS:MW Mod loader first. Download it and install it from here:

After you've installed it, download this BMW M3 2003-set or any other car, copy the contents (CARS_REPLACE and FRONTEND-folders [there is no FRONTEND-folder in this case]) and paste them to the C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Need For Speed Most Wanted\ADDONS\ .
If the ADDONS-folder doesn't exist, create it.

about 8 years ago.

wont work for me. please send me a detailed e-mails on how to set this up

about 8 years ago.

Civic_ Undercover, why would you like to cous cous an M3?

about 8 years ago.

This was a need for the game. great job.

about 8 years ago.

Yipee!! A riceable M3 hehehe. This one is really nice!

about 8 years ago.

Great Work On The Car Man... It must of taken lots of patience to finish up! Patience of course I never ever have :P! 10/10

about 8 years ago.

Unfortunately I can't lower the car anymore without lowering the race-kits too. This is because spoiler-base and roof-scoop-base have only one identifier for all bodykits. So if I start to move lower those all kits then the spoilers & roof-scoops won't fit. I'll anyways do some updates for this car (i.e. move roof-scoop-base lower and try to give more height for tires without making car look like moron on all kits).

about 8 years ago.

nice car man... but i find that the ride height...its too high! maybe it would be better if it is as low as the race version gtr e46.

about 8 years ago.

how can you make cars ? tell me vplease !

about 8 years ago.

Awww!!! It's cool bro!!! 10/10!!

about 8 years ago.

That's great!

about 8 years ago.


about 8 years ago.


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BMW M3 2003-set

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