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Feb 27, 2009

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A control panel for Need for Speed Most Wanted. Includes:
-Graphic Optimization tool
-Language Selector
-Profile Manager
-Profile Creator
-Black Edition patch
-+11 Trainer-1.2 Functions include infinite NOS/speedbreaker, jump, super brakes, speed warp, never busted, spin left, spin right 1.3 only finctions include those plus always jump to safehouse, extreme HP and grip, unlock all parts, and a car unlocker.
-Hex editor

Originally made by FormatC


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about 2 months ago.

nope it doesn't, f*ck

about 2 months ago.

Unexpected Error in Windows 8 Pro 64-bit, I'll try if the compatibility will work

about 2 years ago.

It is not working on Win 8. It says 'Unexpected error'.

about 2 years ago.

it's for all windows except windows 8? why it showing "unexpected error" when I click it. please fix it for windows 8 :(

about 2 years ago.

Yes It Works on 1.3.Look for 1.1/1.2 Nad 1.3

Steve 2
about 2 years ago.

I have Windows 8 x86, and the same error :( "unexpected error"

about 3 years ago.

hi there how do you use this for windows 8 it keeps saying unexpected error

about 3 years ago.

I was try to toggle on the all parts unlocked and i was putted more money but nothing was there*...*all parts was locked and i got still 10 900 cash

about 3 years ago.

sharpshot I found on the net a control panel, you just need to write on google: nfs mw trainer 1.3, I use windows 8 and its work.

about 3 years ago.

i have the same unexpected error:((,and I have windows 8 and nfs mw 1.3.if it's something to do please explain

about 3 years ago.

Is anyone else using Windows 8 getting an unexpected error?

I tried booting it through Applocale, but it gave an error reading, "Please make sure the application specified is valid". FormatC, if you know how to fix this, tell us!

about 3 years ago.

My case are similar to that of 'Sasuke23'...

A bit weird, as I happen to press F10, the one gets activated is not 'Parts Unlocker' function, but the 'Extreme Horsepower and Grip' one...

Which made to believe, a wrong hex input for function button?
Or was it, our keyboard that 'bricked'?
Who knows...

@ Sasuke23,
If you don't mind, would you tell me how to activate the 'Parts Unlocker'?
WHen on roaming, or already in the shops?
Just as simple as it is should be OK...

Thanks in advanced.


about 4 years ago.

thanks mate!

about 4 years ago.

this shows me a control panel not advance why

about 5 years ago.

everything works except i cant increase my bounty. wtf?

about 6 years ago.

try to use the upgrade unlocker and the game crashes. everything else works

about 6 years ago.

how do you play need for speed most wanted after you downloaded it

about 6 years ago.

i love using this so i can start w/ bmw! THX!

about 7 years ago.

doesnt work on 1.3??????

about 7 years ago.

if you have mods for the game, this trainer usually doesn't work. you have to have 1.2 MW, not 1.3 MW. Yeah, it sucks. :(

about 7 years ago.

bloodfang ur running it in mod loader so that explains it

about 7 years ago.

ist not working for me the only 1s that work are F1 and F5 but they crash the game every time

about 7 years ago.

i have already dis control panel..

Muhammad umar
about 7 years ago.

i have it a month already

about 7 years ago.

It has more functions.

Ghost Blade
Top Gear Fan
about 7 years ago.

There's info in the readme, there's a bunch of added features. 1.3 is also on this site, I believe.

about 7 years ago.

how does v2.0 differ from v1.0

about 7 years ago.

thankz dude i needed this

i had this but when someone rebooted my computer i conldnt find it

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