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Mar 31, 2009

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Nissan 350Z 2005

This mod is created for Need For Speed Most Wanted and it replaces Pontiac GTO. Car itself is created by Electronic Arts for Need For Speed ProStreet. It was imported from that game by MKIIITwinTurbo from This mod can be shared in the internet as long as Electronic Arts, Villain or FOX is one of the authors. File must be taken down if asked by one of three last mentioned.


1. Replaces Pontiac GTO.
2. 5 different bodykits.
3. Spoilers.
4. Hoods.
5. Bodypaint.
6. Window-paint.
7. Rim-exchange.
8. Vinyls (not 100 % correct but as close as we can get).
9. Decals.
10. Numbers.
11. Correct stats *updated 31/03/2009*.
12. Cost 30 000.
13. Cop-audio fixed to Nissan *updated 31/03/2009*.


If you don't have NFS:MW Mod Loader yet go and download it from here:

Copy the folders "CARS_REPLACE" and "FRONTEND" to CProgram Files\EA GAMES\Need For Speed Most Wanted\ADDONS and paste it there. If your computer asks that should existing files be overwritten click yes. Make sure that your FRONTEND does not have any other files that begin with 33-NAME.BIN. If so, delete those except 33-NISSAN.BIN. Otherwise you'll see most likely the wrong manufacturer-logo in game.

PS: If you notice folders __MACOSX & files .DSSTORE, ignore those. These come when compressing files in Mac OS X. Just delete those, those do not have anything to do with the mod itself.


Villain - Converted this car to Most Wanted.
Arushan - Created tools to crack NFS:MW.
Oleg - Created Zmodeler.
FOX - Rewrote the whole performance for 350Z.

And everyone else whom I forgot to mention.


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about 5 months ago.

I love this car, it would be great if there was some way to get some vinyls. It seems that most cars these days have none, and the problem is that some of the cars that don't allow vinyls, screw up the blacklist cars. I realize that the vinyl system in this game is not as grand as carbon or underground but at least it gives SOME personalization. I don't know, but it feels a lot better to have a car that has both body and visual modifications on it. Some cars are great like this one, but cars like this have a down side, they all do for some reason. Like when I got this nice sedan vehicle that had all the good customizable features, but when I got in the game, the car had full speed! I mean come on! if I wanted to get a game breaking car, I would give myself an SLR Mclaren at the start of the game or a BMW M3 GTR. The point is, I have been searching for hours on end for a great car, I have only found one or two that replace a fair car and has great customization. I hope that I can find more, that is why I have been searching for so long, but I came up with nothing, if I end the search with nothing more, I may just stop playing the game altogether. Anyway great car, I just wish I can at least find another vinyl map to add that works.

about 7 months ago.

yo Meanracer.. do you still have that Nissan GT-R car mod that replaces the Pontiac GTO? It seems it's not in here anymore.. can you send the file to my email or something?

about 2 years ago.

where links download this car

about 3 years ago.


about 5 years ago.

I found some bugs of this MOD...
1) This car don't have any vinyls...
2) This car on Bot Player sometimes they won't have the bodykits (You can only see 4 of the ride's wheel...).
3) This car's performance when the performance parts is the PRO or Super PRO, shift to 5 the car will lose power to sprint. And the ride will out of control...

about 5 years ago.

I made the copy of the vinyl.bin, but i have no vinyl yet.

about 5 years ago.

There are no vinyls!
To get vinyls just go to your CARS\350Z and copy the vinyl.bin in the folder of the addon car.
about 5 years ago.

after installing junkman parts on this car game save gets corrupted, whenever i press "resume free roam" with any car game crashes. Tried mw control panel to repair didnt help

about 5 years ago.

pow quero ve essa nissan pq a maioria é bugada :@

about 5 years ago.

hello everyone , i need some help
i've download some mod and i followed the instructions (patch 1.3)
problem : spoiler parts is missing even though already replace with another spoiler
have someone come through this problem?

if u have solutions , please email me
thx in advance

about 5 years ago.

cool LOL LOL
i need this car but idont know you you cant make the vinlys works bcz its locked
make Beter next time :)

about 6 years ago.

For those of you offended for whatever reason by my last post, I'm sorry. I just didn't like the Nismo. Nothing again it's creator, I just didn't like it. It didn't appeal to me for my own reasons, this one appeals to me more. I could've been more descriptive and said something like, "OMG this car is the w1n, the nismo is teh epic fail." We're all entitled to our own opinions.

about 6 years ago.

good job, could u create the nissan 370z pls???

about 6 years ago.

freaking cool!!

about 6 years ago.

Man, the bodykits are awesome!!!!!!!!

about 6 years ago.

nissan 350z veilseld plz

about 6 years ago.

nissan 350z veilseld plz

about 6 years ago.

To all you vinyl-fanatics out there:

Vinyls are locked and will be like that for good. Period. NFS:C used completely different mapping and I did have it fixed for ver. 2.0 but since I deleted all my files earlier, I don't have it anymore.

You can ask someone else/look up by yourself the 350Z's mapping from the mesh, you can download it from:

about 6 years ago.

If I could get access to the cars (mesh, textures, vinyls etc.) from Juiced 2 HIN I could give it a try eventually, but only after I finish:
1) Aston Martin DBS
2) J2HIN Nissan Skyline GTR R34 (I'm still waiting for AirOne to release the car :P)
3) SSC Ultimate Aero TT

about 6 years ago.

please, please, somebody to make nissan 350z with a vinyls like DK's from The Fast And The Furious Tokyo Drift, please, please.

about 6 years ago.

yeah man all vinyls are locked that's sucks 350z nismo is better

about 6 years ago.

Nice car, performance is good too, but all the vinyls for this car are locked....

about 6 years ago.

man, FOX's performance mapping is just gettin better and better!

about 6 years ago.

files MWPS corrupt, to plant game can you change your car has day to correct this please Villain ?

about 6 years ago.

Nice car, but I will never going to replace the GTO because that's where F.R's Nissan GT-R is.

about 6 years ago.

nice car, good desing!!!!!!!!!

about 6 years ago.

Hey kool... i was wondering why this car looked so darn familiar XD. Anyway, it looks great! And that hater who's dissing MK3TT's Nismo Z is a n00b. I STILL terrorize Rockport with that car even after I reinstalled MW. (It helps when you have your savegame completely intact even after uninstall)

about 6 years ago.

Hey umm, correct me if I'm wrong but, wasn't this car originally meant to ACTUALLY be in NFS Most Wanted ? Cause there's a subfolder in the ''cars'' folder called ''350Z'' and when I opened a file from inside it was a 350Z only the wheels were missing.

The folder only contains VINYLS.BIN and there were no mesh and textures inside it. EA only placed that folder just to use the 350Z's engine sounds.

about 6 years ago.


Yes, I guess so. For some reason EA just left it out of the game but still released it in NFS:C. Weird. And the whole folder what you opened is missing everything. There is no data at all in the 350Z-folder that could be used.

I would've imported that car from that folder if 350Z model would've been on MW already since it'd been:

1) Easier
2) Most likely fully tuned for MW (e.g. BMW M3-folder, it had all but it still wasn't in game)

Thanks for the comments and please do thank mostly FOX since he redid the awesome performance. Also, all appreciation to MkIIITwinTurbo. He's an awesome converter and anyone else who disagrees on that opinion shall have his/her head cut off in a tower. :D

about 6 years ago.

Hey umm, correct me if I'm wrong but, wasn't this car originally meant to ACTUALLY be in NFS Most Wanted ? Cause there's a subfolder in the ''cars'' folder called ''350Z'' and when I opened a file from inside it was a 350Z only the wheels were missing.

about 6 years ago.

Had no idea the performance on this would be as good. Hope it's not a brick to drive :P

SpawnHyuuga STFU. MK3TT did a nice job on the Nismo and other cars. And I'm glad that he is converting into NFS MW.

As a side note - the performance on this 350z is from the 2003 Z33 model. Not 2005. But that's just a small detail.

about 6 years ago.

nice villain.....(And FOX)

about 6 years ago.

STFU SpawnHyuuga! MkIIITwinTurbo made a good job on the Nismo version!


Nice update villain;) I like the performance!

about 6 years ago.

@SpawnHyuuga > thanks

Nice convert Villain.

about 6 years ago.

Finally a good Nissan 350Z. The Nismo wasn't any fun.

about 6 years ago.

OMG Awesome

about 6 years ago.

nice car man 100/100

make more ;)

Dark Stealth_Hunter

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Nissan 350Z 2005
Nissan 350Z 2005
Nissan 350Z 2005
Nissan 350Z 2005

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