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NFS Carbon VLT Patch 4.2 rev 2

Need For Speed Carbon

Need For Speed Carbon
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In my video i stated that nikki will change her car according to our car tier, which is NOT TRUE. I really dont know how the cars changed before during my testing so it is recommended to use latest files.

youtube video:

Please somebody either give me tutorial to make car model for nfsc or somebody make c6r model for this game using z06 model.

I am planning to make seperate c6r instead of merged into z06. What do you say?

Changes ( rev 2 fix 1):

-tuning mod seemed awkward. so i renamed it to vlt patch.
-Man this is really embarrassing. i just didnt tested all sounds (thanks ea for adding broken sound reference). So fixed lancer fully upgraded engine sound. 
-Somehow performance stat bar is fixed.
-Please report other broken car sound.
-c6r will unlock with zonda instead of cross.
-c6r cost fixed.

Changes (rev 2):

DB9 and corvette new sounds included in this zip. just copy sound folder into your main directory of game. it is necessary else cars will run mute. (credits:speedy)

Cops in canyon sprint (chances are still low)
Missing db9 sound fixed
should have fixed the 
corvette z06 performance parts and sound fixed.
For new saves, c6r will appear as seperate car and will unlock with unlock of cross car
fixed traffic density in canyon duel.
911 turbo and heli (use hacks to bring it in career) are now tier 3 vehicles.
heli probability in roadblock increased in level 5.
copheli may come to race with you because it is untested.
look out who is going to chase you in pursuit (added for fun :p)

Changelogs (1.0):
1.Changeg/fixed car audios of several cars (notably pagani zonda)(changed acc to my preference, so some changes may feel bad)
2.Cops enabled in canyon races (may/may not appear in boss races and will not appear in canyon sprint ;( , cannot do anything)
3.cops enabled in checkpoint races (may not appear in some races).
4.traffic enabled in canyon events(excluding drift races)
5.cops enabled in encounter races
6.cops enabled in boss races (IDK not tested if appears or not)
7.intro cross chase finish line is now shifted to its original position where nis scene starts
8.Barriers from cross chase race enabled although crash event is disabled for purpose.
9.Now nikki will drive her car according to players tier and not only ford gt.
10.increased difficulty of casino characters.(you now need some extra skills to defeat darius :p).
Cars: all cars will appear in races and in car lots. cars will unlock as it used to be.
12.BMW car performance now matches to most wanted one, including handling, speed,etc (My Main purpose of this mod). 
you see, the bmw in carbon was slow and handling was ok-ish which i dont like. so i replicated the car from most wanted and the car top speed is also 241 mph. as a side effect, the challenge series race of cross vs bmw became impossible to win (which i liked it but a race is race). and i really missed corvette c6r in nfs carbon (or nfs series). I dont know if you agree but in most wanted, after bmw, the best overall car was corvette c6r(love it or hate it). in terms of top speed, gallardo or c6 might be good but you cant deny that c6r is one of the best cars which never came in limelight of nfs series. 
13.Corvette Z06:
anyways, i gave a step more upgrade which converts the standard z06 engine to c6r engine(leftovers from mw). it apears as race package in performance parts although i cannot figure it out how to give cash values to race package so it is zero. top speed is equal to as in most wanted. shiftpattern is changed to most wanted values. tested and works as expected like in most wanted.
14. Zonda: Added upgradable unused turbo.

Several unused traffic are now added to world but it now feels slightly more crowded.

cannot fix:
Porsche 997 carrera s: although it appears in car lot, but driving this car will crash the game. its limitation of vltedit 4.2 . create new save to make it appear in carlot as old savegame overwrites old values and will not appear.
Cement trailer: I dont know whats the problem with this thing but the trailer will remain detached in gameplay. the semi will remain at its position and trailer will run away from the semi in hopping way.
Heat level: Although i have assigned heat 10 to casino areas but during my testing it never went above 5 what so ever. it seems like heat level caps values are defined at different position i cannot locate

thats all with this mod. Tested and modified on Collectors edition v1.4. may mor may not work on normal version.
Special thanks to:
nfsu360 for his vltedit. without this everything is impossible.

recommended mods:
NFSC Extra Ops by NLGZRGN:
Widescreen Mod by ThirteenAG(only if you have hd monitor and not a wooden pc:

Please note that this mod is not a copy or modification of 379felipe tuning mod. his mod has several changes than mine and some of them are good(has 2 restored working cars, working cement trailer). i just created the modded file from the original game and modified the things which i felt needed to. that means no copter, no drivable traffic vehicles, no cop drive fix because i dont drive ai vehicles. and bonus cars will have permanent nitrous because i didnt find any reason to downgrade a ride.

It took me 1 month to edit in vltedit. so this mod has been made with lot of hardwork. PLease appreciate my hardwork if you like it. you can share the files as you like but add my name in credits if you like this mod.


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