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NFS Carbon VLT Patch 4.2 rev 2

Need For Speed Carbon

Need For Speed Carbon
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Please somebody either give me tutorial to make car model for nfsc or somebody make c6r model for this game using z06 model.

-Please report other broken car sound.

1.Changeg/fixed car audios of several cars (notably pagani zonda)(changed acc to my preference, so some changes may feel bad)
some of the ported sounds from mw used(credits speedy) you need to copy these files else cars will run mute
2.Cops enabled in canyon races (may/may not appear in boss races and will not appear in canyon sprint ;( , cannot do anything)
3.cops enabled in checkpoint races (may not appear in some races).
4.traffic enabled in canyon events(excluding drift races)
5.cops enabled in encounter races
6.cops enabled in boss races (IDK not tested if appears or not)
7.intro cross chase finish line is now shifted to its original position where nis scene starts
8.Barriers from cross chase race enabled although crash event is disabled for purpose. (Useless feature)
9. increased difficulty of casino characters.(you now need some extra skills to defeat darius)
10. Added corvette c6r. It will appear as spate car on new saves. For old saves, z06 is workaround.
11. BMW performance now matches to mw. 
12. Added unused zonda turbo.
13. Missing chopper? Use this mod and play with heat 5 cops.

Cannot fix:
997s: model shows in car lot but game crashes.
Cement trailer: good old bug from mw

Look this mod has taken 1 month of time to develop, so please don't directly copy paste to other sites without credit; I'm not credit hungry but it does break motivation when you don't credit someone who deserves.

Recommended mods:
Extra options by exops team (popularly known on nlgzrgn YouTube channel)
widescreen fix by thirteenag

Nfsu360: for powerful tool like vltedit.

Though I was inspired by Felipe tuning mod, this mod is made from scratch and many of changes may not appear in this mod. So this is not copy of tuning mod.


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