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NFSC: Fully stable A.I. + Tweaks. (Short name: A.I. + Tweaks.)

Need For Speed Carbon

Need For Speed Carbon
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- Earn 100,000 cash per race after you beat the game.
- No pursuits. (Broke them intentionally.)
- A.I. cars will never crash your game when driven, and have sound. (ALL traffic/cop cars.)
- Better Tier 3 Bonus cars which match the speed of Darius' R8.
- Better pursuit tag cop cars for you to drive online.
- Some changed car sounds.
- You can now drive through all objects that slowed you down before, such as signs, but not through racers. (Pursuit tag reasons.)

Car sounds changed:
- Charger '69. (Custom, when upgraded.)
- DB9. (Custom, when upgraded.)
- Zonda F. (True unused sound.)
- R8. (NFS World sound, but also custom.)
- Skyline. (Custom, uses stock sound in a way when upgraded.)
- Supra. (Custom, uses new Skyline sound when upgraded.)
- CCX. (Custom.) [Barely changed.]
- 911 GT3 RS. (Cayman S stock sound.)
- BMW M3 GTR (NFSMW '05 sound.)

This mod will work online. (Other people do not need this mod.)

My in-game name online: NATESOARES. (I can invite you to online lobbies.)

- Deleted them.
- Note that this will get rid of the tuning mod features such as removing vinyls if you have it installed, or any other global mod.
- Note that this will ruin any car mods you installed since it changes the wheel positions back to default, I was using regular NFSC so the wheel positions will not be like your mods.

Installation: Go to your NFSC folder. Open the zip, then put the white files in your NFSC Global folder. You cannot remove this mod without making a backup of your global files.

Note: I do not take responsibility if you do not back up your save file and Global folder if your game breaks.

Note: Extra options and this mod work together.

How it was made:
VLT-Ed tool, By nfsu360.

Guys go look at my mod which combines this mod with Super Global Mod.


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