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Porsche Cayman S 2014

Need For Speed Most Wanted

Need For Speed Most Wanted
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Porsche Cayman S '14

REPLACES: Porsche Cayman S

- Converted from NFS Rivals


Well, I love this car so much that I thought that it also required a brief technical introduction.
The Cayman is basically the mid-engine version of the 911.
As every good racing driver (and every good mechanical engineer) should know, the 911 has a problem:
the engine position. Rear engine shifts the weight too much towards the rear, making it how
to say… not perfectly balanced.
Who am I to talk bad here about the 911? No one really! I'm not saying that the 911 isn't
a good ride. It is an extraordinary sports car, that can be tremendously fast and effective.
But it also requires skillful hands, a skilled driver, 'cause it's easy to make it spin when
exiting curves, for the famous so named "pendulum effect", that may become very strong with all
that weight in the rear (behind the rear axle).
It must also be said that, in recent years, technology has largely corrected these initial
problems. For example, in the last versions Porsche began to use even steering rear wheels to
correct the native propensity to spinning itself of the 911.
Anyway, the Cayman is exactly the opposite: even a baby could drive it fast. It is extremely well
balanced, with mid engine, it is almost impossible to make it spin. And, as any of you can
easily see on Youtube, due to the perfect balancing it is very easy with the Cayman to make
long, controlled drifts.
This car has never met great sells success, mainly because of the aesthetics, that, to say the trooth,
till the 2012 model (that we all can see in the non-modded-game) weren't stellar.
But now it also looks brilliant! This last model is beautiful! It has a sort of elegant, sophisticated
look! It resembles IMHO a Maserati or an Aston Martin, but it's also smaller/lighter.
You know, it's not as racing as the 911, it's a more "everyday" vehicle… but it goes not slower than
a 911; it's however very fast!
And… it costs about a half of the 911 turbo! It costs for example fewer than a top level AMG
Mercedes!! If I was another car manufacter I'd be very very worried…


This car was originally converted from NFS Rivals by Alif Qashry. This is an improvement, a refinement.
I imported the 3D Model and worked on it to fix few (but important) visual details.
The car looks now great. It is sometimes astonishing, how real the car in game looks.


- Added front brake calipers (with the one of the S version)
- Retextured and carefully repositioned brake calipers
- Replaced and retextured brake disks
- Resized, repositioned, retextured and rerendered stock rims with 3 shaders (rubber, lucid-metal, matt-metal)
- Brake calipers spin no more together with the wheel
- Added transparent glass for center brakelight and sidelights
- Textured sidelights
- Retextured grills
- Added license plate
- Fully corrected headlights texture mapping (many surfaces wern't textured)
- Changed shader for plastic parts of the body (now they look black, like new plastic)
- Corrected brake light texture
- Added 39 brake light leds (and everyone was carefully positioned in its real position)
- Added 4 reverse light leds (and everyone was carefully positioned in its real position)
- Removed 8752 polygons (these were removed from internal parts, not visible from the outside, but I also removed the passenger)
- Added full working spoiler customization
- Added damage scratches support (front, rear, frontleft, frontright, rearleft, rearright)

update 24/08/2014 –-> Thanks to a kind suggestion of the user "ACL", I was able to use a more detailed
model for car body and doors. Now, as you can see from the new images, the car shape is really near to
perfection. It wasn't so easy but I have to say that now I feel really satisfied!
And I was also able to improve the look of damage scratches.

update 10/09/2014 –-> Thanks to a suggestions of the users "ACL" and "Greger" I made the final improvements
on this car (I won't modify it again):
- Removed transparency area between windshield and hood
- Corrected small deformities on the front bumper (already present on the original model)
- Corrected distance between rims and brakes

update 23/09/2014 –-> This will probably be the last update:
- Added full windows damage support (front, rear, frontleft, frontright, rearleft, rearright)

- NFS Undercover Driver Model
- New performance data (already made by Alif Qashry)
- Working brakelight textures
- Great model scale

- Rims
- Rim Paint
- Paint
- Roof Scoop
- Spoiler
- All Performance
- Window Tint
- Custom Gauges

- Mod Loader 2.0 is needed (included). To install it, copy d3d9.dll, modloader.ini and "Start NFS MW Mod Loader.bat" to NFS Most Wanted directory,
start the game with "Start NFS MW Mod Loader.bat" (or just use parameter: "speed.exe -mod")

- Nothing

- Zmodeler v2.0.7 Build 802
- Zmodeler v1.07b
- PeDrO2 & KOLDA Plugins for Zmodeler 1
- Adobe Photoshop 7.0
- NVIDIA Texture Tools for Adobe Photoshop
- nfsmw-modtools by arushan
- NFS Textures Compiler

- Electronic Arts for making a game that after 10 years is still the best arcade racing
- Alif Qashry for converting this car from NFS Rivals
- ACL for providing me the most detailed 3D model
- Greger for the tip
- Racer_S for NFSMW Camera Hack, that's wonderful
- To the makers of Zmodeler 1 & 2, and export filters
- arushan for nfsmw-modtools
- nfsu360 for NFS Textures Compiler
- me

- email :

- Paypal email address:

––––––––-> I Hope You Like And Enjoy My Mods <––––––


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