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Mazdaspeed RX-7 A-spec.

Need For Speed Most Wanted

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Need For Speed Most Wanted
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For: NFS Most Wanted.

I used to rip this 3D model last year,from Heat Online by Invictus.
Used 3D Studio Max 2010 with some tutorials I found on web. OMG that was tought…
Since then it was collecting dust on my HD,so I decided to use it as a test model for
my first attempt in NFS:MW modding.
This MOD worths much for me,I used it to learn the NFSMW car conversion basics.
As I said,it's this is my first experience with MW modding,I was not even expecting
a success with this,but the MOD in my eyes fits well in MW standards,ad it's ok for
a first shot. I tell you to do not expect something perfect,but I hope you enjoy it,
considering that's a rare version of the RX7 both in games and real life.

Requirements: NFSMW Mod Loader by Arushan,can be found on

Replacement: SL65 (Please don't ask for others)

General physics: RX7

Engine sound: Mazda RX8. (or stage 3 RX7)

Customization: Rims,spoilers,roof scoops,Junkman parts,Colors,window tints,custom gauges.

Other features: Correct driver position,minor details paintable (body color),super
detailed HKS intercooler,correct mapping for mirrors,damageable paint.

Polycount: Medium.

Bugs: No bugs were found.

Final notes: I do apologize for these terrible screenshots,my weak notebook does not
support anti-aliasing and higher graffics settings.

IMPORTANT: I dont take any responsability for any problems regarding this MOD,you will be
using this by your own and total risk. But feel totally free to ask for any kind of info
and let me know if you experience any problems or bugs with this MOD. But please do not
ask for MODs or car replacements,I have no time to take requests at the moment.

How-to install included in Read Me file.


Personal use only: You have permission to do whatever you want with this MOD.

Public use (internet sharing): You have permission to post this MOD in your site/blog,
as long you dont edit/remove the ReadMe file,and please give credits,WTF! You DO NOT have permission to modify/delete any part/file of this MOD.

EA Games: Game
Arushan: NFS Most Wanted modding tools & mod loader.
Invictus Games: Mesh & some textures.
Agus: 3D HKS intercooler.
I've found the rim in a free 3D website with no author,so no THANKS for now.

Thanks for reading all this,now just download this thing!

Missing little triangles on rear bumper were found and fixed.
Springs rate offset were found in VLTEdit and fixed.
Copspeech and backfire were fixed.
Engine performance.
Damageable parts added.
Spoilers and roof scoops can be customized.
Fixed Materials for intercooler and interior paintable parts.
Turbo sounds added.
Fixed glass materials.

For those who downloaded it,please re-download it. Thanks and sorry!

By ~Wankel Rotary~



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