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NFSMW Global Mod Alpha Version 1.0

Need For Speed Most Wanted

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Need For Speed Most Wanted
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Hey, this is the alpha version of Global Mod, version 1.0 brings some fixes from the early access version,and some new changes

-Hero performance career start fixed  and uses por_928 sound;small fix in tires on custom hero,i not change sound custom is default tvr_cerb,turbo sfx hero custom is now MBZ SLR and career start is SC Mustang Cobra

-Fixed Redline: A4,TT,911 Turbo S and Clio(Clio uses now real gear ratios and final drive ratio)

-New performance for semi,fixed engine braking(uses 3 values now), engine have now  6450 rpm and 7 gears(have a small bug on tachometer is show 1500 rpm,but is not will cause problems in gameplay,I'm still trying to fix this.)

-Cadillac CTS,Camaro SS 6 gears works now ,and SL65 have only 6 gears

-Monaro fixed yaw control and speed

-Some changes on performance aftermarket

-Another change which I did not mention in the previous version, the Porsche Carrera S and Cayman S upgraded use AWD traction System 
-Headlight xenon 8000k have new alteration 

-Small changes on engine audio cars,Murcielago uses Lamborghini Diablo sound stock and upgraded Murcielago sound(liked carbon)

-Camaro,Vette C6r and M3 GTR uses now supercharger,the value is from SLR Mclaren stock SC

-Demo Mustang GT and Impreza WRX STI uses now shift and turbo sfx sound,and some cars of traffic challenge series too
-The BMW M3 E46 added  is available on mod,uses real ratios,but uses torque value from TT,only rpm values is from M3 E46;and in next version I will add the torque value of M3 E46 in version 2.0,i make small change on script,thanks to KingGaurav for create script

-Nitrous Oxide System fixed 

-And other small changes
-About Alpha Stage i have idea to make 2.0 ,but i no have idea if is necessary to create  version 3.0 or after the version 2.0 will launch the beta version, this version is only a minor bug fix of the previous version, you can see the change log of the previous version here:

-I recommend you use ENB, Sweetfx, Reshade, Last version of NFSMW Extra Options by  NLGZRGN and Team,Widescreen Patch by ThirteenAG,and BMW M3 E46 Model fix

-Make backup 1st

-You can modify it for your only own use

-Do not distribute or modify without my authorization

NFS 360 VLT 4.2 and 4.5  Version
KingGaurav for BMW M3 E46 Added V2.0

Bugs or Problems tell me in the comments

- New features and other fixes will be added in version 2.0

-Copy and paste to NFSMW Global folder (C:/Program files(x86)/Eletronic Arts/Need for Speed MostWanted/Global 
-Copy and paste to NFSMW Sound->Engine and replace VW_Drag_GTI and DCL MW for VW_Drag_GTI and DCL from UG2
-Please Backup first original archives,enjoy and i wish Happy holidays and happy new year :)



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