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Music Replace

Need For Speed Most Wanted

Need For Speed Most Wanted
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Well, I make my first mod that replace the songs of the game for music of genere Metalcore, Hardcore, 2 of Alt. Rock and 1 of Rapcore.

1.- Download the mod (690.5) from the link inside of the .txt file.
2.- Unzip the file (839 MB).
3.- Make a back up of SOUND->PFDATA folder.
4.- Copy SOUND and ADDONS folders to game directory (C:\Program Files\EAGAMES\Need for Speed Most Wanted) [If you have the system of 64 bits, go to Program Files (x86)…]

It's all, if you have any error, let me know.
Note: I had to shortcut various names 'cause the original songs/artist/album name have fixed length, like in the no. 8:

I Am Rock (Original)
F**k You And All Your Friends (Replace)
F.&.A.Y.F. (Shorcut)
Here the original songs (Name, artist, album):

1. B-Side Wins Again feat. Chuck D
DJ Spooky and Dave Lombardo
Drums of Death

2. Tao Of The Machine (Scott Humphrey's Remix)
The Roots and BT
Blade II Soundtrack

3. Tilted
Lupe Fiasco
Food &…

4. One Good Reason

5. Do Ya Thang
T.I. Presents The P$$C
25 To Life

6. Decadence
Ten Thousand Fists

7. You Must Follow (Evol Intent VIP)
Dungeonmaster's Guide

8. I Am Rock
-No album-

9. Skinnyman
Start A War

10. Fired Up

11. Feels Just Like It Should (Timo Maas Remix)

12. Feed The Addiction

13. Nine Thou (Superstars Remix)
Styles Of Beyond

14. Let's Move
The Perceptionists
Black Dialogue

15. The Mann
Paul Linford and Chris Vrenna
-No album-

16. You'll Be Under My Wheels
The Prodigy
Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned

17. Blood And Thunder

18. Sets Go Up
Reality Check

19. In A Hood Near You
Suni Clay
Suni Clay

20. Blinded In Chains
Avenged Sevenfold
City Of Evil

21. Hand Of Blood
Bullet For My Valentine
Hand Of Blood

22. Barrier Break
Diesel Boy + Kaos
-No album-

23. Broken Sword
Evol Intent, Mayhem & Thinktank
-No album-

24. Shapeshifter
Celldweller feat. Styles Of Beyond
-No album-

25. We Control
We Control

26. Most Wanted Mash Up
Paul Linford and Chris Vrenna
-No album-

Its replacements:

1. My Curse
Killswitch Engage
As Daylight Dies

2. Join The Club
Bring Me The Horizon

3. Invisible
The Routine

4.This Is Goodbye
Killswitch Engage
Killswitch Engage

5. Room 409
Bullet For My Valentine
The Poison

6. Die For You
Falling In Reverse
Just Like You

7. Dream Catcher
In Fear And Faith
In Fear And Faith

8. F**k You And All Your Friends
Falling In Reverse
Coming Home (But the original song don't accept the album name, so don't appears)

9. Voices
Famous Last Words
Two-Faced Charade

10. Labyrinth
Famous Last Words
Pick Your Poison

11. Even A Ghost Has A Sanctuary (Ft. Scott Barnes)
Famous Last Words
Two-Faced Charade

12.Gangsta's Paradise (Coolio Cover)
Falling In Reverse
Punk Goes 90's

13. You Had Your Chance
In Fear And Faith
In Fear And Faith

14. Live Fast, Die Beautiful
Escape The Fate

15. The Uprise
Famous Last Words
Council Of The Dead (Don't appear, the same that the song no. 8)

16.Suffocating Under Words Of Sorrow (What I Can Do)
Bullet For My Valentine
The Poison

17. Anger And Apathy
As I Lay Dying
The Powerless Rise

18. Moving On
Asking Alexandria
From Death To Destiny

19. Almost Easy
Avenged Sevenfold
Avenged Sevenfold

20. Abracadavre
Kevin Sherwood
C.O.D. Black Ops Soundtrack

21. Reckless And Relentless
Asking Alexandria
Reckless And Relentless

22. Pareidolia
Kevin Sherwood
C.O.D. Black Ops Soundtrack (Same that the songs no. 8, 15)

23. Edge Of The Earth
30 Seconds To Mars
30 Seconds To Mars (Same that the songs no. 8, 15, 22)

24. Dear Insanity
Asking Alexandria
Reckless And Relentless (Same that the songs no. 8, 15, 22, 23)

25. Fashionably Late
Falling In Reverse
Fashionably Late

26. To Play Hide And Seek With Jealousy
Famous Last Words
Two-Faced Charade (Same that the songs no. 8, 15, 22, 23, 24)

Sorry for my bad english, I hope that you enjoy this.

Little Update (09/04/2018): There's a smaller version of this mod (225.8 MB/275 MB Unzipped), but the "Press Start" and police/interactive song doesn't plays, finally, some songs changed, like:

My Curse                                             Across The Earth
Killswitch Engage                             -> Chelsea Grin
As Daylight Dies                                   Et. Nightmare

Room 409                                            Feel The Fire
Bullet For My Valentine                    -> Coldrain
The Poison                                           Fateless

F**k You And All Your Friends              Opposite Of Adults
Falling In Reverse                            -> Chiddy Bang
Coming Home                                       The Swelly Express

Labyrinth                                              Warrior
Famous Last Words                         -> Skarlett Riot
Pick Your Poison                                   Regenerate

You Had Your Chance                           Pretty Little Liar
In Fear And Faith                              -> Coldrain
In Fear And Faith                                   Vena

Suffocating Under Words Of Sorrow     Thoughts Of You
Bullet For My Valentine                     -> Avoid
The Poison                                            Alone

Anger And Apathy                                 Fire In The Sky
As I Lay Dying                                   -> Coldrain
The Powerless Rise                               Vena

Moving On                                            Come Close
Asking Alexandria                             -> Saosin
From Death To Destiny                         Saosin

Abracadavre                                         Affliction
Kevin Sherwood                               -> Skarlett Riot
C.O.D. Black Ops Soundtrack              Regenerate

Pareidolia                                             Overdose
Kevin Sherwood                               -> Beyond Unbroken
C.O.D. Black Ops Soundtrack              Don't Wake The Dead

Dear Insanity                                        Hate (Me)
Asking Alexandria                             -> Avoid
Reckless And Relentless                      Alone

NFS Most Wanted Music Importer – nlgzrgn, BadHairDay
MCO Music Importer – ?



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